Tech Review: Seagate Central


I’ll be honest, using this device did not come easy to me at first, but with a couple of Google searches, I was able to utilize the Seagate Central to access tons of my files from one central location, similar to how I use DropBox, but with a quicker upload and download time and more access.

Seagate Central is a centralized network hard drive. You can use it to schedule automatic back ups for your computer and share your media on everything from gaming consoles to Smart TVs to your smartphone. There is also an on-the-go functionality you can use. Depending on what size device you get, the price can range from about $189 to $259.

If you understand how this type of device works, then the only real negative I could find was the fact that it’s a single volume server, meaning if the internal hard drive were to fail, you would lose that data.

Central Storage

With Seagate Central, you can access files on your phone, laptop, PC, Smart TV, PS3 – anything DLA! Local media streaming is flawless, but streaming a video via remote storage was a pain, as it insisted I download the entire file first.

To set up, plug in the power, connect the network cable to your router, and wait for the light to turn green. Central will then show up on your computer as a network with public share. Next, you create an account and set up the global access.

Besides just using your computer to access the storage, there are a few other ways to access your content. You can use iTunes and DLNA to share locally and with Remote Access, and with the Media App, you can access the content from anywhere. I’ll talk more about those two later. One of my favorite little features was the Facebook back up system.

Backing Up Facebook Photos

I really enjoy the feature that lets me easily back up my Facebook photos. It’s something I never remember to do and since many of my photos now come straight from my phone, they aren’t really saved anywhere else. The set up is simple and automatic.

Accessing Storage Remotely

You don’t have to be local to the device to access your storage. Using the Media App for your phone and a website portal for your laptop, you can still access your files with a password-protected account. Streaming was not as quick from remote access for me, but that could also be because I have really old devices.

You can use the app with iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Samsung TVs, and Blu-ray players with Smart Hub.

Seagate Media App

Seagate Dashboard. Credit: Screenshot by Dong Ngo/CNET.

Seagate Dashboard. Credit: Screenshot by Dong Ngo/CNET.

I used the app for an Android. It was not perfect. For example, anytime I tried to use my keyboard instead of touchscreen, it would send me back to another page, because it appears to open certain pages as drop downs instead of real pages. I almost gave up, honestly. But a normal human being loves using touchscreen, so they won’t have a problem with this issue. The more pressing issue is the extremely slow load time.

On the other hand, this is an app that lets you access all your storage from anywhere. That’s pretty awesome and convenient. It’s also fairly intuitive and has an easy search function.

Final Verdict

Score: B+

If you want an affordable, fast storage device attached to your network that lets you seamlessly integrate storage content with your entertainment and mobile devices, Seagate Central is the hard drive for you! Buy your Seagate Central today.

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