Welcome to El Infierno: Guacamelee’s New DLC Review

Less than a month after releasing their first DLC, DrinkBox Studios announced the new level “El Infierno” for the amazingly fun PlayStation exclusive Guacamelee!



“There are farm animals and luchadores wandering through my workplace and I have no idea who to complain to about this.” – Skeleton worker.

Players battle skeletal enemies in the bureaucratic nightmare of the Devil’s domain, where tortured souls are given never-ending paperwork and the Devil is too chicken to hit the elevator button to his office without your help. See what I did there? Chicken?

I enjoyed that the set-up for the level was intriguing and clever, per usual from the DrinkBox team. I recommend talking to every skeleton you see.


Guacamelee! El Diablo's Domain DLC 4

Their last DLC was a costume pack, and this DLC gives us a new level of challenges complete with unlockable costumes. There are also seven new trophies. I’ll warn you though, it is not a traditional new level like many of us would want. Instead, we have a basic level filled with seventeen challenge rooms. Each challenge room has the opportunity to score a bronze, silver, or gold medal. The medals unlock the new costumes, and the new costumes make the levels easier, if you’re smart about it.

If you’ve played Guacamelee through and won the super special chicken ability, these levels may actually seem too easy for you, with only two or three providing a real challenge. However, since you only need ten medals each to win the costumes, you can actually just skip the hardest levels completely, leaving only the truly masochistic or trophy hunters to take on the challenge.

Personally, as a less-skilled brawler who can never remember her combos, I found the challenge to be perfect. On my first quick run through of the levels, I snagged nine bronze, two silver, and one gold before getting frustrated and walking away. For a player of my level, this new DLC provides a few hours of content, as you constantly return to get a higher score. For a more skilled player, I’d say there’s about two hours of game time if you unlock everything on gold.


Guacamelee! El Diablo's Domain DLC 7

  • El Portero – a soccer goalie with a keen eye for style and a devastating throw
  • Alebrije – harness the awesome power of these dream creatures to deal epic destruction, but players beware of the massive damage they will sustain themselves
  • Diablo’s Suit – Drain the life of enemies while looking good enough for an interview on Wall Street

Get the Alebrije costume and turn into a chicken. Try not to squeal with joy.

Final Verdict

Guacamelee! El Diablo's Domain DLC 5

Score: A-

El Infierno is worth the price point of three dollars, offering continuing challenge to Guacamelee! lovers and pretty new costumes for fashionistas.

El Infierno is available now as a cross-buy download on the PlayStation Network and PlayStation Vita for $2.99 in North America and in Europe for €2.49/£1.99.

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