Peeking into Guild Wars 2’s Future!

Truth be told, I’ve been away from Guild Wars 2 for more than two weeks, mainly because I’ve been very busy with work and other things going on in my life. So when I logged in recently, I was pleasantly surprised by some of the recent updates. When Aristeia told me that I should take a look at a recent article by Colin Johanson, I jumped right on it and was very happy with what I read.

The article itself goes into a lot of detail, but the quick version is:

  • Living World events will be rolled out on a two-week schedule and there will be a total of four Living World development teams as opposed to one.
  • For the near future, progression in the game will not be in the form of an increased level cap or gear beyond Ascended quality; instead, new, powerful, and unique skills will be introduced to the PvE and PvP portions of the game, as well as new methods of attaining skill points.
  • Ascended-quality weapons and armor pieces will slowly be introduced to the game, along with major content updates.
  • Crafting disciplines will have their proficiency tier increased up to 500, and new crafting components will be introduced so that players can craft Ascended-quality weapons, armor, trinkets and, presumably, Ascended-like consumables. You will only be able to craft one of each type of Ascended item per day so as to not decrease their value.
  • Legendary-tier items will have adjustable stats so that you can change the primary stats of a weapon whenever you want, so long as you are not in combat.
  • Gear with “Magic Find” stats will be phased out (no specifics on how just yet, though it is possible you will get a one-time stat respec for Magic Find pieces), and you can get account-wide “Magic Find” stats through Achievement completion. This is to make players a bit less selfish to parties.
  • A new system of rewards from killing Champion enemies is going to be implemented.
  • The reward system for dungeons is being retweaked in order to encourage diversity and less path-grinding.
  • And more!

You should definitely read Johanson’s full article on the Guild Wars 2 website to find out more about these (and other) upcoming changes!

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