Console Comparison: Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Confused about which console is for you? Here’s a quick comparison between the games/specs for the Xbox One and the PS4!


Price: $399.99


CPU – 8-Core AMD Jaguar x86


RAM – 8GB GDDR5 5500MHz

Storage – 500GB HDD

Optical Drive – Blu-Ray, DVD

A/V – HDMI out, Optical SPDIF, Analog

BlueTooth – 2.1

Cloud Storage – Yes

PS4 also has push-of-a-button gameplay DVR. It is compatible with the PS Vita, for game streaming from the PS4, with its app. It will also be tablet and smart phone compatible. The PS4’s Gaikai technology will be its source for some backwards compatibility. It will also have live streaming capabilities. The PlayStation Eye (sold separately), with use of the PS4 controller, will support motion control, as will the PlayStation Move (also sold separately).

Exclusive Games (so far):

PS4 Cross Platforms:


(PS3 and Windows):

Xbox One

Price: $499.99


CPU – 8-Core AMD Jaguar x86


RAM – 8GB DDR3 2133 MHz, 32MB eSRAM

Storage – 500GB HDD

Optical Drive – Blu-Ray, DVD

A/V – HDMI input and output, Optical SPDIF

BlueTooth – None

Cloud Storage – Yes

The Xbox One will be compatible with tablets and smart phones through SmartGlass, and will come equipped with a Kinect for motion and voice control. It will have an input for cable TV. It also has a gameplay DVR feature through a Kinect voice command. Microsoft canceled their used game and check-in policies, which will allow everyone to share games the way they always have, instead of having any restrictions. Players will not have to do any daily checking in online to play. However, there will be a day one update, which does require a check-in, due to the change in these policies.

Exclusive Games (so far):

Xbox One Cross Platforms:


(360 and Windows):

Both the PS4 and Xbox One

Both the PS4 and Xbox One will have cross-game chatting. Each system has their own online subscription service (Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus). Xbox Live requires a subscription per gamertag, and PlayStation Plus will only require a subscription per console (any tag on the console can use it). They will both support movies, music, pictures, and streaming. The TV feature is exclusive to the Xbox One. Both the PS4 and Xbox One have cloud storage.

Games that will be on both the PS4 and Xbox One:

That about wraps it up! I hope this helps in your decision on which console to buy…or just made you want both! If so, pre-order the PlayStation 4 and and/or the Xbox One!

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