The Retro Play Show #12: Super Mario World (NES?!)

For this twelfth impromptu episode of the show, I fire up a rare 8-bit NES version of the beloved classic Super Mario World.

Super Mario World is a game with an interesting development history. Many people don’t realize that it was envisioned as a fourth NES title at one point. To this day, the official Japanese title for the game remains Super Mario Bros. 4: Super Mario World. It’s a rare treat to see what the game would have been like on the NES, but this 8-bit version is a great way to get a feel. I even have a reference link to my blog from TV Tropes for this game. 🙂

For episode thirteen, I will play the beta restoration of the 1989 version of Super Mario World that was carefully stitched together by the good folks at Unseen64!

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