Geeky Dresses for Summer

It’s now officially summer which means it is time to break out that summer wardrobe. The best part about summer is being able to rock cute, summer-ready dresses! Even better if the dresses are geeky.

So we scoured the internet and found some of the best geeky dresses out there. Check ’em out below:


Joker dress from MISHU Croatia.


Riddler tube dress from Courtney Leigh Creations.


Harley Quinn dress from Superhero Stuff


Marvel Avengers dress from Candied Starfish


A more subtle take on an Avengers dress from Vampire Bunnies Clothing


Super cute Poké Ball dress from Courtney Leigh Creations


Star Wars Death Star dress from Vampire Bunnies Clothing


A totally to-die-for, adorable Star Wars dress from Cake Shop Couture

f328_star_trek_tunic_tank (1)

Star Trek tank dress from ThinkGeek

It’s hard to pick a favorite! It’s awesome that there are so many comic book and sci-fi dresses out there. Now all we need is a bigger push for more gamer dresses!

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