The Retro Play Show’ #7: Crystalis (NES, Part 1)

This seventh episode of The Retro Play Show was live-streamed on the evening of June 17-18, 2013 and features my friend @warrencbennett joining in to hang with me as I play the 1990 NES classic Crystalis.

Crystalis is another one of those games that I only played a little bit of when I was a kid, and it was only within relatively recent years that I wanted to get back into it. In my opinion, it is far more than a simple Zelda clone,” and I think that SNK did a very good job with the game. It does have a lot of repetition, particularly because you have to grind in certain areas, but all-in-all, it’s a fun game.

This time, we play from the very beginning all the way until our arrival in Portoa, where we will pick up with our second video.

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