What Not to Say to Girls at Conventions

In light of articles like The Creepy Side of E3, SarahTheRebel of NBF and Kristen of Game Meets Girl decided to team up for a funny skit about interacting with women at conventions. Though we chose to share it in a humorous tone, we encourage you to always simply practice RESPECT when you interact with someone at a convention, boy, girl or other!

what not to say to girls at a convention 2

DISCLAIMER: Before anyone accuses us of being too mean, these were ALL (except one…you’ll be able to tell which one) actual things that have been said to us and our friends by creepers at cons. Also, learn to take a joke (as we women are so often told when we complain about kitchen jokes 😉

Want to see us do a funny “What TO say to girls at conventions?” Let us know in the comments and we’ll make your wish come true!

Shout out to all our lovely friends for helping us put this together!

Danielle McRae, voice actress for Painwheel and many other characters…check out her Facebook!

Nick McCandles, CEO/Owner of The Gamer Access.

Jon Correa, graphic design artist. Check out his work at Dark Icarus.

Raychul Moore, gaming personality and co-host of LootCrate. Go subscribe to her channel!

Ashphord Jacoway, actress, cosplayer, and founding sister of Chocolate Covered Cosplay.

Skydiddy, featured on The Tester season three. Check out his channel!

J-Tight Baby Tooth, who was also on The Tester! Check him out.

Kapwan, noted fighting game community member. Watch the best FGC videos at his channel!

Special thanks to Jonathan, who is the kidnapper, just for bein’ a great friend. ❤

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