Transistor Preview at E3

At E3, I had the chance to check out Transistor, the newest game from Supergiant, the makers of Bastion. Transistor is coming out on the PS4, and it was my first hands-on with the new console.

For starters, Transistor looks AMAZING. The art is gorgeous, and cut-scenes look like paintings. The colors are a lush combination of warms and cools that help establish the science fiction/futuristic feel of the action RPG, and the tableau is beautiful.


The next positive I noticed is the voice acting. The game is narrated by a spirit (Logan Cunningham) in contact with Red, the protagonist. The guy’s voice is mellow and quiet, evoking the feel of New York City late at night, in a lounge or jazz café. The narrator is also fallible, making mistakes and providing a soft bit of humor and poignancy to the story.


As for the gameplay and combat, I was a little worried while watching others play the game. There is a set up system that looked a little complicated, and I was nervous about embarrassing myself in front of the devs. It turns out I had nothing to worry about, as the game smoothly teaches you how to play, and the combat is actually much simpler than it appears at first. That’s not to say it’s too simple; it relies on stats, tactics, and pre-planning, so hardcore RPG fans can still have a ball.


As for the PS4 controller, I found the control to be superb, with the controller feeling comfortable and familiar in my hands. I didn’t really have a chance to test if the triggers are better, but I can say that I like the controller overall.

The ambiance of this game is what I loved the most, with the combat coming in second. I can’t wait to see more of Transistor and to learn more about Red!

For more info on the game, check out this interview with the studio director, Amir Rao:

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