E3 Day Three News: Everyone’s All “Team Sony!” or “Team Microsoft”…!

And Nintendo’s just sitting there watching the catfight with an incredibly smug look on their face. Kind of like this:

Why? Because in its entire history, Nintendo has never had to worry about their silly rivalies, because Nintendo has always been a great company! At this year’s E3, I went into convulsions over more news of the impending Pokémon games, Pokémon X and Y. There were so many people excited over the news of the grand new, brand new Pokémon games, and more features about the games were revealed, including:

A brand new Pokemon type: Fairy!

And suddenly, the newest Eeveelution has finally been explained! (Honestly, I was really expecting it to be flying, for some reason.) But, what’s more is that Dragon trainers now have one more reason to be afraid of the newest type because Dragon is weak against Fairy-type moves. (THANK GOD. Not to knock Dragon-type Pokémon, but they are just too. Damn. Strong.)

In addition to the eighteenth type added to the roster, there is, hands down, one of my favorite additions to this game: Pokémon-amie.

This play on words (which, is actually a very brilliant movie by Nintendo, given that this new world is based off of Europe and France), is taken from the words “Mon Amie,” which translate from French into “My Friend.” Even more interesting to note is that the Japanese word for “Friend” is “Ami.” I love a great play on words! This brand new feature allows you to interact with your Pokémon, and build up friendship and love, through playing, feeding, and grooming your Pokémon!

But can we please talk about how this feature allows you to copy your Pokémon’s facial expressions as well? (That being said, try to avoid playing this anywhere public, where people will wonder what on earth is wrong with you.) I am beyond stoked for Pokémon X (which is what I’ll be getting!) and Pokémon Y!

Available October 12th, 2013! (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!)

…Ahem. Next on Nintendo’s list is:

And why the kitty tail, you may ask? Well, that’s just a testament to one of this game’s brand new features:

Ready? Everyone, say it with me! 3, 2, 1…


Okay, in all seriousness, that really does explain the tail, I promise! After years of multiple outfits, ranging from Yoshi, to Doctors, to Tanuki (racoon) cosplay, this new installment in the Mario series now features a kitty costume. I have to admit, it doesn’t make any sense, but it’s adorable.

Neko (cat) Mario can perform brand new actions, such as climbing up walls, run on all fours, and attack enemies with his claws. He even makes cat sounds!

As far as gameplay, Super Mario 3D World is taking on a brand new style for this particular game, and, with so many Mario games, (particularly with this only being available on the Wii U), it’s a progressive step forward, keeping Nintendo’s original mascot at the top of his game even all of these years later. This game is slated for release in December, 2013!

Amongst many titles announced today, one that had possibly the biggest reaction was none other than:


Bayonetta 2!

In this much-anticipated sequel to the first Bayonetta, we are shown that the titular character has a brand new look; she trades in her lengthy locks for a short and choppy bob that I am oh so a fan of. Bayonetta‘s release onto the Wii-U means that Nintendo had to up the game’s graphics; it’s almost reminiscent of a Final Fantasy game, only the graphics and movements are so quick and rapid that you have no idea what’s going on, or what you’re even looking at aside from just all around badassery. Not much was explained outside of the trailer, only that, much to a few broken hearts, Bayonetta 2 won’t be scheduled for release until 2014…but what’s another year?

…And finally. The very last game Nintendo announced in its conference today had fans around the world screaming, flailing, and dropping to their knees crying (kind of like how I and a lot of other people were at the Kingdom Hearts 3 reveal).

We all know this symbol:

But suddenly, we’re transported to the world of Animal Crossing, where the player character gets a letter with the same symbol. He runs off without any explanation.

…But wait! What can that mean?! Does it mean…does it mean…?

YES IT DOES! Ladies and Gentlemen, a brand new challenge has arrived! The characters from Animal Crossing join the fray!

(And yes, I was giggling incessantly when I captured the above screencap at the precise moment. Mario’s face!)

With him being the only new addition to the Super Smash Brothers franchise, I…

Waitaminute. Is that an alarm?! WHAT’S GOING ON?! Wait! I just received a new message! Wha…what is this?

WHAT?! But…but who?! Wait a second! We’re getting an image now…!


Oh. No. You’re joking! HIM?! The greatest original legend to ever be created in the video game world is joining?! It can’t be true!


That’s right! Everyone’s favorite blue dude (Not Sonic, sorry, bud!) has joined the battle, and it shall be an epic one indeed! Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U and  the 3DS will be released in 2014!

There were many amazing games Nintendo dished about, but too many to fit into just one article! Since Nintendo held a closed-conference, as opposed to their usual open ones that they hold at E3 every year, I think it actually served them better in regards to explaining their new concepts, games, releases, and what direction they plan on going. For more information, you can check out the entire Nintendo Direct conference right here:

I think this goes without saying: It’s going to be a great year for Nintendo!

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