Update from Allahweh: Podcast, Streams, and More!

By June 4th, I should have the tenth and final episode of season three of The Gaming Goddess podcast recorded, edited, and ready to appear online, and though this is kind of a sad thing (the podcast is fun to do, and people seem to really enjoy it), it is kind of a relief. It does take a fair bit of work to come up with things to talk about, arrange guests now and then for the show, edit everything up, and then get the files set up online, but it is rewarding. Still, having a break from it for a while isn’t really a bad thing. I’m not certain yet what the format of season four might be, or even when it will start (possibly September, although I’m honestly not sure). I do these things mainly for fun, so the honest answer is that the show will take whatever form pleases me at the time and will resume whenever I think it best.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of other fun content on its way.

As you know, I’ve been streaming LandStalker for the Sega Genesis, and so far, we have probably gotten through about 60-65% of the game. That will be continuing, with Part V being sometime this week (stay tuned for an exact day and time). Regarding the Retro Play series, I will be playing Sonic the Hedgehog (Master System version) and Rockman & Forte (SNES) in the near future, followed sometime with Part 2 of the Bionic Commando stream. I am also considering doing an episode (or more, if needed) of Crystalis for the NES, mainly because it is a fun game and a fan-favorite of many.

Let me know your thoughts on these, and any possible older games that you would like to see streamed or played at some point (keep in mind that by older, I mean ten years or more, though I’d probably give preference to pre-2003 titles).

Sometime later this summer, I will also be starting a series on the Black Isle games, starting with an extended play of Baldur’s Gate for the PC. This may actually feature some additional players, including friend of the site Aristeia. We may have two more slots for anyone who is interested in being a permanent part of this stream (probably regularly about once a week for two to four hours), so if you are interested in that, let me know. Keep in mind that, ultimately, this will be invite-only and open only for people whom I personally know to participate.

Well, that about sums things up.  Stay tuned for more fun! =^.^=

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