Comic Review: Empowered Special #4: Animal Style

Empowered, the adorable superheroine with the less-than-sturdy supersuit whom we know and love is back, and Adam Warren and John Staton are at it again! For those of you who are new to the Empowered series, feel free to dive right into this one-shot special to see if you like it. It gives you a basic gist of the series before it dives into the story. Emp will win your heart over for sure! If that’s not convincing enough, then let me just tell you that this series is packed with hilarity as it pokes fun at comic clichés. I’d even recommend this to people who aren’t really all that interested in comics.

In this special, Empowered has to stop a group of villains in animal-themed robot suits from carjacking the Alternate Timeline Superhero Auto Show. Can she do it before her super-suit “wears off” (see what I did there)? The timelines were a bit strange for me to keep up with at first, since they referenced a few, but I caught on after a while. Warren is a fantastic writer, and funny as hell! The stereotypes that he makes fun of in this issue really cracked me up. Everyone will love the infamous faulty-suited heroine in this special.

The art in Empowered has always been my favorite, so I guess this part is pretty biased, but with the adorable exaggerations, the vibrant colors, and the manga feel to the art, it couldn’t be better! The flashback art in this special was a nice touch. Warren and Staton are a great combo art team, and with Robaato as their colorist, it’s a joy to look at each page.

There is something in this comic for everyone! Empowered Special #4: Animal Style is on shelves now!

[Disclaimer: A review copy was provided for me to review this comic.]

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