The 7th Guest III Coming Next Year


The 7th Guest was a pivotal game for the PC in the early-1990s, which, along with the original Myst, served to show the direction that modern, CD-ROM-based gaming could head. The game dropped players in a creepy, photorealistic house that had many intricate puzzles to solve, live-action FMV cutscenes to watch in order to see the game’s story unfold, and a haunting soundtrack that really stuck with you. Its 1995 sequel, The 11th Hour, also kept pace, bringing players back to the old Stauf Mansion to live through a new nightmare. Yet, the planned third game, called The Collector, which was under development about ten years ago for release on the PC and the original Xbox, never saw the light of day, and developer Trilobyte fell under hard times.

Now, ten years later, and twenty years after the first game’s release, the company has announced that an official third game is in the works. While details are fairly scarce, they say that the game will once again involve the iconic mansion, have a slew of familiar and devilishly-new puzzles to solve, and will appeal to gamers of the older generation as well as new players. The game is set to release sometime in 2014, probably towards the end of the year, and is being developed for iOS, Android, and PC. They even will do some crowd funding via Kickstarter to help build up funds.

As this is a game I fondly remember from when I was young, and a game that creeped me out at the time, I am definitely looking forward to seeing where this new entry heads!

Meanwhile, a very high-production fan-game called The 13th Doll has been in the works for some time now, and you can find that project right here.

13 thoughts on “The 7th Guest III Coming Next Year

  1. Hi All,

    We noticed that The 13th Doll project came up in discussion here. We have been making a ton of progress since the beginning of the year and released a teaser trailer Sunday evening. The link is below and we are extremely proud of it. Happy Gaming!

    -The 13th Doll team

    • Thanks for the heads up about it! That was an older post, but I had wondered what happened to the game. I’ll definitely check out the trailer and might even share it online to help build up a bit more hype! Any approx. release date yet?

  2. The 7th Guest was one of the first games I played as a kid. I poured over the strategy guide, which also had the script in it. One of my favorites ever! I have The 11th Hour from GOG but haven’t played it yet…soon.

    • I read a lot about 11th Hour, have seen videos on YouTube, and when I was younger and the game was new I did also sit around and read the strategy guide. It’s sad, but that was one way I figured out if I would want to get a game – I would read the guide for the game through and through, even if there were spoilers, and then if I liked it I would want to get it, and even if I could never get it at least I knew what I was missing.

      I was sad when “The Collector” was cancelled back in 2003, and I really hope that they take some of the unique ideas they had for that game (the “living museum” and the fact that Stauf was chasing you through it), the paintings/puzzle worlds you could access, and all that, and somehow apply aspects of it to this new game.

      Here’s to hoping! 🙂

      • That’s awesome! I would read manuals as a kid, haha, even of stuff my dad was p,anything that I wasn’t. When I got 11th Hour this past year, I actually went and bought the strategy guide on Amazon for a couple of bucks…

        Stauf scared me as a kid…I still find him creepy. That would be awesome, and I bet they will try to incorporate some things that they had in mind for The Collector.

      • What’s neat, and I didn’t realize for some reason until probably the last few years, was that Stauf was an anagram of Faust. Which makes sense, as I think it is strongly implied he had made some kind of deal with the Devil or a demon or something like that, which required him to make all those kids sick and sacrifice the character you played as.

        What I never understood was the fact that you, the player, were playing Tad. Basically, you were kind of reliving the experience of what happened to you as a kid, maybe trapped in purgatory, except at the end this time (the narrator mentions he’s seen all this countless times before) you manage to stop yourself from being sacrificed. So it kind of messed with (and still messes with) my head 😛

      • Yes, that’s definitely heavily implied…I think in the novel they go more in-depth about that/his motivations, it’s been a while since I’ve read it (I got that used on Amazon for a few bucks too!) The Tad/Ego/player thing has always confused me a little, just because we never really figure out how Ego is watching the scenes play out as someone separate – how come the other guests don’t get that opportunity? Maybe not the “bad” ones, but Hamilton Temple and Mrs. Knox were the good guys. It messes with me too! Haha.

      • Is there an actual novelization of The Seventh Guest? If so, I would definitely like to read that sometime! 🙂

        The other thing is that Stauf seems dragged down into hell or some other dimension at the end of the first game, yet somehow his spirit still lingers sixty or so years later in The Eleventh Hour. It makes me wonder how that works, really, but it’s also maybe not worth over-thinking. But I have a tendency to do that with games or books or movies, lol.

        Yeah, I think Ego is somehow Tad’s spirit, though the odd thing is that he is an adult who sounds like he is in his 20s or 30s or so. So that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Ego seems to be stuck in this house, maybe his spirit is trapped by the evil of Stauf’s magic to relive these events in a warped kind of purgatory over and over again…Although, what DOESN’T make sense is that he has the ability to directly affect things. Stauf is actually talking to him, for one, but – do the other guests see him? It’s been so long that I can’t remember if the others talk to him or not. Anyway…The thing that doesn’t make sense is that at the end of your playthrough, you alter the course of things. If it is a purgatory-like state that repeats, what difference would altering it make? And, finally, it is implied that Ego somehow is free, and in the fan-game The Thirteenth Doll (which has been endorsed by the original creators before this new game came into being), you play as Tad, as an adult, some 20 or 30 years later. So…LOL 😛

      • Yup! Here’s an Amazon link. I found out about it from someone on the GOG forums and immediately bought it.

        Ohh yeah, when he melts down into the floor?! So creepy! I read somewhere that the actor who played him was also a substitute teacher, and some kid who had also played the game got him one day and was freaked right out. Maybe he was so evil that “hell itself spit him back out?” (Pirates of the Caribbean reference…) Or maybe he made another deal to get more souls? It’s okay, I like to analyze things too! I wan’t an English major for nothing, haha.

        Yeah, Ego is definitely way older than Tad, which is why I’ve always been confused – it seemed like a last second PLOT TWIST! I don’t think the other guests ever talk to him (I played it over again a year or so ago), but Stauf definitely knows he’s there…all those awful puns, haha. I think that the implication is that Ego has been trying to do this over and over, and he FINALLY got it right this last time.

        Also, side note…the painting with the hands was probably the thing that freaked me out the most as a little kid.

      • It’s rather hard to be a penny price, so I may have to pick that up. 😛

        I really need to go back and play The 11th Hour sometime. But, you know what? Maybe playing the 7th Guest and 11th Hour live as a marathon might make a good fund-raising event for NBF or something right around Halloween? I was thinking of possibly doing a Halloween gaming marathon anyway, with games like that or classics like Castlevania 🙂

      • Oh, and PS: I know they show his house being on a hill, but in 11th Hour it is totally out in a field:

        And for giggles, the REAL mansion:

        The REAL Stauf Mansion

      • I would absolutely tune into that marathon, that sounds really fun! There are tons of good classic horror games. Hahaha, I guess they couldn’t find a good hill location for the FMV…it’s awesome to see the real house. Maybe I’ll get into The 11th Hour soon!

      • I also might consider doing a game like “Slender Man: The Awakening,” which is a very creepy horror game. 🙂

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