Nintendo Announces new Sonic Game: Lost World


Whenever there’s a new Sonic game release, almost all of us tighten, cringe and brace for the worst. Let’s be honest, the last great Sonic game was Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.


The Sonic team started back on the right path with the release of Sonic Generations. 3D camera issues were fixed, no quirky power ups or werehogs. Sonic’s future looked more hopeful than it had in years.

Then, Nintendo released a debut trailer for the new Sonic game, Sonic: Lost World. And HOLY CRAP WE MIGHT HAVE A GREAT SONIC GAME!



So far, it’s just back to good old 2D-style platforming with 3D art. Will Lost World bring Sonic back? Only time will tell.

Actually, I have a theory. If Jun Senoue is the main composer, then the new Sonic game will be good. Jun Senoue was the main composer since Sonic 3, giving us the most remixed song, “Ice Cap.” The last Sonic game he had a huge hand in was Sonic Heroes, and after that, they started to fall apart. He reprised his role in Sonic Generations, and the game was amazing.

Either way, check out the trailer!

What do you think? Tell us in the comments!

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