The Gaming Goddess Podcast – Season 1, Episode 13S: Liars, Stalkers, and Creeps, Oh My! (Part 1)

NOTE: Accidental mentions of real-names or handles have been edited out of the current versions!

Because of some issues regarding cyberstalkers and bullies that have crept up recently, particularly in regards to two show guests (one very recent and one from season 1), I’ve decided that rather than simply pull the episodes that the two offenders were a part of, it would be best to replace them with a two-part monologue special in which I talk about some of my own personal experiences and then what I have been doing (and what I suggest other victims do) in order to help stave off this sort of thing.

This first part deals specifically with me talking about my experiences with two particular individuals, how it affected me, and why it was problematic. Stay tuned for Part 2!

You can download the MP3 of this episode right here.

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