Game Meets Girl Retro Review: King’s Quest VI

We have an exciting announcement to make: Game Meets Girl is joining the NBF crew as an affiliate channel! The result will be similar to our partnership with The Gaming Goddess, meaning we will feature their videos as part of our own content.


They have this awesome show called the 2 Girls 1 Game Show, and it’s been featured all over the place and compared to a “female Game Grumps.”

Be sure to subscribe to their channel, and check out the site while you’re at it! Game Meets Girl has some great content, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

To kick us off, we have their first ever retro review, focusing on King’s Quest VI.

3 thoughts on “Game Meets Girl Retro Review: King’s Quest VI

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  2. Thanks Ryan! I feel super loved right now. I feel nerdy but flirty is a great group and together we can make some awesome content and expand our love for games and pop culture!

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