5 Awesomely Nerdy Weddings

Love is a wonderful thing, and as the saying goes, “first comes love, then comes marriage…”

Weddings are always beautiful, but there is something extra special about when nerds wed and celebrate their nerdiness as part of their special day. There’s been a ton of nerdy weddings, so it was hard to pick just five, but we did it! Check out five awesomely nerdy weddings below:

Halo Wedding






A couple who games together, stays together. In fact, sometimes they gamed together before they were officially, well, together! Desirai and John are two gamers who met via playing Halo. They kept teaming up together to play, and eventually their friendship online trickled into more. Three years later, their wedding fittingly had the theme “A Match Made in Halo.” That image of their hands, complete with wedding rings, holding a controller together?! I may have teared up a tad. (source)

Minecraft Wedding







Yet another couple who games together, couple Matt and Asia already knew each other, but they grew especially close through their love of Minecraft. Their love for the game, and each other, ran so deep that Matt proposed to Asia during MineCon! So what better theme to choose other than Minecraft for their wedding? Adorable. (source)

Superman/Secret Identity Wedding




Couple Erin and Tim took a more subtle approach to their wedding. What better way to add just a touch of nerdiness than through having superhero secret identities?! And a geeky wedding garter, of course. (source)

Space and Time Wedding




Holly and Ross are both fans of sci-fi: Holly loves Mass Effect and Ross loves Doctor Who. They share many other sci-fi interests that resulted in a “Space and Time” wedding, complete with a Mass Effect cake, a Doctor Who suit, and they even had a Delorean available for photos. I am a huge, huge fan of Holly Conrad. Holly is a fantastic cosplayer and creature designer who is incredibly talented. I adore her Commander Shepard armor. AND THAT CAKE. Well, and EVERYTHING about this wedding! “Space and Time” is a great wedding theme indeed. (source)

May the 4th Wedding








Earlier this month, geeks Homer and Aimée wed on May the 4th. Yep, as in “May the 4th be with you!” This is the same couple that had some kick-butt rings made that made the news via Reddit, his a Star Wars-themed ring and hers an Indiana Jones-themed ring, which you can see above. Though I have not run across photos of the wedding itself, their rings, invitations, and poster are too amazing not to share. (source)

BONUS: Nightwing and Batgirl Wedding

This wedding made headlines not long ago, so I’m bending the five number by calling it a bonus in this list. Seth and Laura decided to tie the knot and embrace their nerd love as part of their wedding theme. Laura’s description: “He grew up following Nightwing, I grew up obsessed with Batgirl.” I adore everything about this wedding, but I think I love the clever photo booth the most! (source)








4 thoughts on “5 Awesomely Nerdy Weddings

  1. People do strange things… but then, my g/f and I are thinking about naming the child (due in january) Meta if it’s a girl. Meta as in my favourite hackerspace 🙂

    Nerdy theme weddings I wouldn’t attend:
    * Hotline Miami – I’d rather destroy my answering machine
    * Lord of the Rings – with just the One Ring, groom and bride might go violent
    * Ghost Busters – if the bride happened to be a ex-g/f, I’d fear getting ghostbusted
    But one theme wedding not to miss: **Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson**

    • It’s all about sharing common interests, no matter how “strange” they may be! 🙂 I really like the idea of the Ghostbusters theme, only because I’m a huge fan. My husband however isn’t obsessed like I am, so we met in the middle. We had a Mexico wedding with dia de los muertos touches, and our invites had a western zombie theme! Hehe.

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