Retro Play – LandStalker (Part III) is Ready!

This video was taken from a Retro Play live-stream from the afternoon of May 14, 2013.

We last left off having met the Duke of Mercator’s brother, the supposedly evil wizard, who informed us that his brother was plotting to take over the continent and was seeking the treasures of the famed King Nole. This time, we go to confront him about his plans and he has us thrown (or, rather, dropped) into the castle dungeon and he flees to whereabouts unknown. We embark on a mission to escape the castle, locate a kidnapped princess, and make our way through an annoying hedge maze as we try to figure out what’s really going on.

Guest commentary this time around was provided by Mark Matthews.

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6 thoughts on “Retro Play – LandStalker (Part III) is Ready!

  1. Now if only the Super Famicom follow-up LadyStalker was localized! I’d LOVE to see you do a play through of that game. It’s pretty interesting, as it has a femal character (who I believe only showed up in the US in the Dreamcast game Climax Landers or TimeStalkers in the US)…

    • Was it really called Climax Landers? That’s funny, given the company that made these games was Climax. I wonder why they called it that?

      I am more than happy to play through Lady Stalker and possibly the DC follow-up, provided there is a fan-translation of Lady Stalker somewhere on the net?

      • Climax Landers was the Japanese title to Time Stalkers and yeah, it’s funny and refers to the characters from Climax’s games “landing” on the bizarre world the game takes place in. It’s really not a sequel to anything, but a roguelike RPG with a side of monster collecting and optional VMU mini-games.

        It’s definitely not the easiest game to get into thanks to the randomness of the dungeons and some don’t like the weird 3D characters and level resets when you leave the dungeons. But it kind of grows on you as you try out the different characters (and recognize them from the games they came from).

        Lady Stalker has been in the fan-tran(slation) phase for a while it seems – I don’t think it’s done yet:

        I own the game itself, but I haven’t played it yet other than watching the opening sequence and dinking around that first area. I need to crack down on my lazy self and just learn Japanese (or more than the super basic stuff I can fumble through with a guide or two)…

      • I would be more than happy to play through the game and stream/record if we can get a translation patch that is at least serviceable. And I am a lot like you there: I can get through basic stuff in Japanese, but that’s about it. I’m otherwise like a little kid, spamming the enter key to skip the dialogue and get to the action. 😛

        I’d also like a good translation of Romancing SaGa 2 sometime. I know the first one was released on the PS2 as a 3D remake, and the third one was translated years ago, but sadly, I don’t think 2 ever was. 😦

      • Heh. I thought I was fine after completing Shining and the Darkness with a bunch of photocopied maps I ended up finding a few errors in (some pits and an unmarked trapped chest weren’t marked) and a partial walk through, then completing Air’s Adventure, Front Mission, FEDA and a few other games with no help at all, but yeah, it really helps to know as much Japanese as possible…

        Ah, Rejoice! Well, it’s a pretty cool RPG from what I recall. I only bought it because it was a Yanoman published game and the cover was unique, but I liked what I played.

        I think I traded my copy off a few years back with a bunch of other RPGs I wasn’t playing, so I only recall it being about some thieves in a village who need to go after one of their gang when he gets kidnapped or something. Ah wait… YouTube to the rescue:

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