Haven’t Seen Mega Man Revolution Yet?

The 2008 release of Mega Man 9 sparked a trend to make “new retro games,” and while some are quite good, others are barely worth paying any attention to. These days, enough quality game-design engines exist out there that just about anyone with enough time on their hands can put in the effort to make a platform title, and just spending a few moments scouring YouTube will serve as a testament to this fact. There are tons and tons of 8-bit style Mega Man fan games in the works, yet only a few of them are good enough to be highly-anticipated among fans (notable games include Mega Man Unlimited by MegaPhilX and Mega Man X: Corruption, an X3-style title that allows for a lot of open exploration).

Until late last year, I was unaware that Mega Man Revolution existed. I think I came to learn about it by searching for some other Mega Man-related title, came across images of this game in Google Images, and then thought it was worth looking into. At the time, the game seemed to be in a state of transition, being retooled and worked on again after a fairly large hiatus. I got in touch with the game’s developer and we had a fun dialogue going over Gmail where learned a lot about the project. Now that I have played a set of stable builds, I can say that he has a gem on his hands. In short, Mike Crain has done pretty much on his own what Capcom as a company has failed to do recently (outside of Street Fighter vs. Mega Man, though technically that started as a fan-game as well). I played a very stable build of this game last night for a good while, and it managed to spark a sense of interest, fun, and excitement that I simply haven’t gotten from a MM game in some time now.

The game seems to take place sometime after Mega Man 10, when Dr. Wily manages to recapture some of the “Evil Energy” that came to Earth in Mega Man 8 and uses it to reprogram and strengthen some of Dr. Light’s own creations.  Now, these robots are running amok across the world, and it is up to Mega Man to step in to save the day. Bass too! You actually can play as either of those characters in this latest game. And, just like the much-celebrated Mega Man V on the Game Boy, these robots are strong enough that Dr. Light needs to outfit Rock with the “Mega Arm” weapon to be able to damage them. It results in a neat journey of nostalgia, mixed in with lots of new features (special weapons hidden in the stages, a very unique stage select style, and more!).

The game has its own built-in updater and is constantly being worked on. I highly suggest, even if you aren’t a Mega Man fan, that you visit the site and give the game a look!


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