Proposal Ideas, Nerd Style!

Let’s face it, nerd couples are the best! Us nerds play games together, bond over the next sci-fi or fantasy movie, are excited for the next novel coming out in that series we love together, and decorate our homes with a plethora of gaming art and decor. One of the best things about a nerd being in a relationship with another nerd who wants to tie the knot is the awesome super-creative, super-nerdy proposal! So guys, pay attention! And girls, if it isn’t a nerdy one, you might want to re-think whether saying yes a really a good idea…j/k! Here are some awesome nerdy rings, boxes, and proposal ideas for that special nerd couple who are planning on linking their hearts for life:

For idea #1, you could steal Gary Hudson’s idea of proposing to his girlfriend Stephanie with custom Portal levels. He got developers Doug Hoogland and Rachel Van Der Meer to help him with these custom levels. He even got Ellen McLain, the voice of GLaDOS, to do the dialogue, and guess what?! She said yes! You can watch the video here. If you have the money, know people in the industry willing to do this for you, or are a game developer yourself, you could create levels for your sweetheart from other games (with company permission, I’m sure), stick with Portal levels (although clearly this has been done already, and you might want to be more original than that), or, for you developers, you could create your own unique game just for your sweetie!

There have been a lot of great custom, nerd-themed rings made. Here are some of the best ones I found:

There have been a few custom-made Legend of Zelda rings created:

A Triforce Wedding Ring? Oh my...

Custom Made Zelda Ring, Heart From The Game Inspired, Engagement Ring 14k White Gold And Diamond And Rubies And Hand Engraving Zelda Game, Made To Order

The first two rings were custom-made by jewelers the designers chose. For the Zelda fans out there, you can have something similar made for the princess in your life. That last one you can order here.

For the guys, here’s a Star Wars Sith wedding band, also custom-made:

I know a lot of you must be Battlestar Galactica fans, so here’s a custom ring for you:

Check out the design process of this couple’s lovely creation here.

Custom D10 engagement ring:

You could always have one made with a D20, or other die of your choice. In an argument? Quick! Roll a saving throw!

Whoovians need love too! Looking to travel through life with your companion?

This ring was custom-made by jeweller Gino Arizmendi, AND he has it for sale in his shop! Check it out.

Everyone loves the fabulously witty banter between Han Solo and Princess Leia. With these rings, you and your Star Wars-loving sweetie can have matching rings!

You can find them on SwankMetalSmithing’s Etsy shop, and they come in a variety of different metals.

I saved my favorite ring for last. Who isn’t in love with that smart-talking…er…beep-booping robot from Star Wars? R2-D2! This is the famous R2-D2 ring:

You can purchase one from jeweler Paul Bierker here. You can even get matching wedding bands – find them here!

In my search for rings and things, I have also come across a few creative ring boxes. Copy these or crate your own!

I choose you! You’ve traveled across the land, searching far and wide – propose with a pokéball!

“Would you kindly?”…Marry me?

Be my Player 2?

Be my companion? (This box is my favorite!)

Travel through life with me?

Last, but not least, you will need a location. That one is up to you, but I would be more than happy to throw out some suggestions. Now, I don’t care what anyone says, every girl likes to feel like a princess, so I still like the traditional idea of proposing at Disneyland in front of the castle! If you want to get more creative with it, you can always propose on a ride or at your beloved’s favorite spot, wherever that might be.

Another idea that I had would be to propose at San Diego Comic Con. This is a really cool idea, in my opinion. If you and yours are frequent SDCC attendees, or you have always planned on going, this would be a great surprise at such an awesome celebration of nerd culture. You could stand in line to ask a question at a panel, and instead ask your lady (or man, for those daring females out there) to marry you, or you could just pick the right booth, place, time, etc. to pop the question! It’s even better if you’re in costume too!

Whatever the ring, whatever the idea, and wherever the place, I’m sure the proposal of any enchanting nerd couple will be magical! Now go and enjoy life in 2-player mode!

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