Kickstarters: GTFO: A Film About Women in Gaming / Gaming in Color


GTFO: A Film About Women in Gaming is a Kickstarter created by Shannon Sun-Higginson. The project started when Shannon, a casual gamer, was told by a friend “about the abuse that many female gamers and other industry figures endure on a daily basis.” She was then spurred to begin research on the subject and filming the documentary. Shannon says that the purpose of the film is to “reveal the experiences of women in the gaming world, both good and bad, as well as to provide steps we can take to change the environment for the better.” She came to Kickstarter after already filming interviews, tournaments, classes, and conventions, and needed funding for the rest of the project. The end goal is a ninety-minute film that will expose some hard truths about the industry and culture – and hopefully make the gaming world a better place for women everywhere.

Shannon’s fundraising goal for the project was $20,000, and as of this writing, GTFO has raised over $27,000 from a little over a thousand backers!


  • $10 – Digital download of the final project
  • $25 – DVD of the final project with extras
  • $50 – DVD and poster with the GTFO logo
  • $75 – DVD and t-shirt with the GTFO logo
  • $100 – DVD, poster, and t-shirt
  • $200 – DVD, poster, t-shirt, and a special thanks credit in the final project
  • $500 – DVD, poster, t-shirt, ticket to the premier in NYC, and an Associate Producer credit in the final project

The funding for this Kickstarter ends on May 10th, so get in while you can! You can like the project on Facebook and follow it on Twitter.


Gaming in Color

Gaming in Color is another documentary that has a funding deadline of May 11th. This full-length feature documentary will explore the “queer side of gaming and LGBTQ presence in the gaming industry.” The creators (including David Maurice Gil) say, “For too long gamers have been painted in a very specific light, and the mosaic of gamers have lacked the diversity of minorities, queers, women, and members of LGBT communities. We want to create this film in order to take a closer look at the challenges and the growth of these communities in the gaming world.”

The fundraising goal for the film is $50,000, and as of this writing, Gaming in Color has raised about $40,000 from almost seven hundred backers. They are almost there, and you could help!


  • $5 – Your name or gamer tag on the Thank You page of
  • $10 – Your name or gamer tag in the Special Thanks portion of the rolling credits of the film, plus all of the above
  • $15 – Digital download of the film in HD, plus all of the above
  • $25 – Bundle of games from awesome queer developers, plus all of the above
  • $30 – DVD of the film, plus all of the above
  • $50 – Original game by queer developer Anna Anthropy, plus all of the above
  • $70 – Kickstarter exclusive poster, plus all of the above
  • $100 – Gaming in Color t-shirt, plus all of the above
  • $125 – Personalized and signed copy of Anna Anthropy’s book Rise of the Video Game Zinesters, plus all of the above
  • $200 – Sixty-minute Google hangout with cast and crew during the filming process, plus all of the above
  • $250 – Invitation for you and a guest to a private screening in LA before the movie release, plus all of the above (minus the Google hangout)
  • $500 – If you get to LA or San Francisco, you’ll get interviewed as part of the film, plus all of the above (minus the Google hangout and the private screening)
  • $10,000 – Associate Producer credit in the film and they will fly you to LA for the private screening, then take you out for a fancy Hollywood dinner and drinks on them! Plus all of the above (minus the Google hangout).

Back the documentary here, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and Tumblr.

I think that both of these Kickstarters are giving voices to gamers that might not necessarily feel that they have a voice, and I am glad that the creators are taking steps to change that, and that enough backers believe in the projects to contribute! I sincerely hope that Gamers in Color will be funded, and I am very excited to see the final films.

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