Add Allahweh on Twitch.TV!

Now that my new gaming PC is set up and ready to go, one of the things I want to start getting into is live broadcasting of various venues. Thanks to the help of Jeremy Stratton (@Jeremy_Stratton) and other awesome people, I figured out that Twitch is by far the best way to do this currently, and I was even provided with the programs and settings that I would need to get this process started!

What I decide to broadcast will be completely up to me, but some recorded shows may have live venues in the future.  This means that a Retro Play series might be done live, or maybe only certain episodes live, and they may even feature special guest commentators as I play. These things will also likely be either transferred directly to YouTube (depending on what they are), or there will be some post-production editing before they make it up there. The shows that receive editing before heading to YouTube will likely be things like Retro Play or Tyrian Adventures, while other random play sessions (like my planned “Night Owl Gaming”) may simply be copied as-is.

In order to best stay informed as to what I am up to, please head to Twitch and add me there!

Also, feel free to subscribe (not just follow) if you’d like to financially support the channel and end advertisements for your viewing sessions.

I will try to keep a schedule of upcoming shows on this page here, but you should receive announcements of planned events from me online anyway!

Tell us what you think!

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