Kurosune now writing for The Jace Hall Show – Check out her first article!

Our awesome Kurosune is now the first female writer for The Jace Hall Show! Check out her first article to show her some love:

How To Approach A Girl In A Game Store: THE DATING SIM EDITION

“You, a strapping gentlemen, have just walked into the store to procure a new game, or, perhaps put down money on a soon-to-be-released title. You’re shooting the breeze with the clerk when the door dings, indicating someone has walked in. You don’t pay much mind to the store until you see the clerk eyeballing (or, eyebanging) something behind you. Clearly, those new displays he was just talking about that arrived two weeks ago can’t be all that arousing, so you turn your head just so to take a look. And in that moment, your heart leaps into your throat.”

Read more at the link below:


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