Best Geek Treats: Five Geeky Cookies to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

All geeks need a little nourishment now and again, and what better way to nourish yourself than with some geek treats?

Some sweetness is necessary now and again, so we have some geeky cookies to share with you. Whether you know how to bake or know someone else who does, you’ll want to bookmark this article for future use – or just give in and bake them now. 😉

Check out five geeky cookies below:

5. Mass Effect Cookies


Are you a paragon, or renegade? Make your decision by eating a delicious Mass Effect-themed cookie! Or just choose both and eat them all. Created by tasukigirl, you can make your own by making sugar cookies and using food coloring. Unfortunately, there is no tutorial, but my guess is that she used some kind of stencil for the logos!

4. Comic & Lego Cookies


It’s one thing to have a bunch of Lego-themed cookies (fun!). And it’s one thing thing to have a bunch of comic character-themed cookies (oooh!). But to have both within one batch?! Awesome! Created by cookieartisan, these cookies would definitely satisfy any geek cravings for delicious cookies. That kid Aidan is one lucky kid to get these cookies for his birthday.

3. Link Cookies


A geeky lady who runs Love-Making in the Kitchen figured out how to create an entire roll of dough with a pattern to look like Link. Absolutely amazing! The link includes the recipe on how to make the cookies, though I’m sure it’s no easy feat. It certainly looks worth it. Though this particular cookie looks so nice, I am not sure I’d want to eat it after so much hard work.

But let’s be real, I’d eat them eventually. I have no will power.

2. Han Solo in Carbonite Cookies


So, you know that Han Solo in carbonite ice cube tray? Turns out you can use that to make something delicious, like these Han Solo in carbonite cookies. Moogie & Pap posted their creation and included the sugar cookie recipe they created, and reading about how to mold chocolate candy may help you on your quest to create these delicious-looking cookies.

These definitely remind me of the Lu Le Petit Ecolier cookies – which I frakkin love.


Obviously, Han Solo in carbonite cookies are way cooler looking, though.

1. Minimalist Batgirl Cookies


Talk about combining baking, deliciousness, and ART into a cookie! These absolutely floor me. If you’ve ever followed Nerdache Cakes Tumblr, you know that the baker behind it, Ant, is crazy talented. I don’t have any recipe or steps to offer you on this one, but you could always contact Nerdache Cakes to purchase some!

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