Our Top 5 Nerdy Cakes

If there’s anything nerds love more than games and comics, it’s eating. Especially, when it comes to dessert. Here are some of the tastiest, best decorated, and nerdiest cakes. In no particular order:

The Cake is NOT a Lie Cake


Of course this cake is on the list. It’s the most infamous gaming cake! The full recipe can be found here.

Comic Book Hero Cake

This cake has been flowing around on the internets for quite some time. The layering is amazing!

Chocolate Omnomberry Cake

This next cake hails from Guild Wars 2. You can only make it once you reach the highest level in cooking. It gives you +70 to power for an hour and thirty minutes. The recipe originated here.

Wind Waker Wedding Cake

This cake is awesome! I love the Legend of Zelda series, and it’s such a pretty shade of blue. (Blue is one of my favorite colors.) It also has the Star Wars Rebel Alliance and the Deathly Hallows symbols. I don’t know how much more nerdy it can get.


Mario Kart Wedding Cake

This cake is way too pretty to eat. Look at how intricate all those figures are! And yes, it is fully edible.


That wraps it up for the top five nerdy cakes. Have a favorite, or know of a better one? Tell us in the comments!


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