The Last of Us: Contests Galore!

Naughty Dog is putting the finishing touches on The Last of Us (which comes out June 14) and to celebrate, they’ve decided to throw a few contests!

There are three contests. The winner of each will get their name stamped on a Firefly pendant that will be collectible in-game. Everyone who plays will know how awesome you are! The deadline for entry for all contests is April 24. You must be a resident of the United States to be eligible to win.

Fan Art Contest

The first way to earn your place as a Firefly is a Fan Art contest. Eight creative winners will become a part of the Fireflies by submitting their best fan art in the comments section. Click here for more about the Fan Art Contest.

Cosplay Contest

You know how to cosplay! Eight winners will be selected by Ashley Johnson (Ellie) and the Naughty Dog staff. Click here for more about the Cosplay Contest.

Video Creation Contest

Make a trailer, shoot a short film, do a clicker comedy skit – whatever! Naughty Dog staff will be selecting eight Fireflies from all those submissions. Click here for more about the Video Creation Contest.

Good luck!

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