Tyrian Adventures – Episode 1: Mired in the Muck

The first episode of the new Tyrian Adventures vidcast series is here!

Tyrian Adventures is a new series run by Allahweh’s Domain which focuses on documenting my fun in Guild Wars 2 while bringing entertaining, interactive content to both the players (my guests) and you, the viewers. I, often with the help of Aristeia, will host various events that are open to the public where we will scour dungeons, scale jumping puzzles, enter the fray in World vs. World, and much more while offering unique challenges and awesome prizes. The goal is to do something different each episode while having fun with and getting to know various players (both new and recurring).

Think in terms of a podcast crossed with gameplay crossed with gameshow elements!

In this introductory episode, Aristeia and I host a romp through the new Super Adventure Box in Rata Sum. We are joined by Jeremy Stratton (@jeremy_stratton), Oakstout, and Yogitus (@GavinTownsley), and the challenge this time around is to be the last person to get a game over. The prize? Each person donates fifty silver, so the winner gets two gold and fifty silver as the reward.

Things are a bit hectic in places here due to the nature of this level, so if you think things are chaotic in this area, that’s part of the fun! Other challenges will likely be a bit less crazy. In future episodes, we’ll likely try to interact with the guests a bit more before and after the video and thus focus on “hosting” more, but this video was long, so it was necessary to just press onward.

Fun times!


For other news, musings, podcasts, videos, and more, please also check out Jessica’s gaming site Allahweh’s Domain!

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