PAX East Day 3

Penny Arcade Expo took over Boston this weekend and brought some awesome news to the gaming world. Here’s your info from PAX’s last day!

Blizzard announced that the PlayStation 3 version of Diablo III will feature an in-game menu that allows players, both online and offline, to trade items between each other, as long as they are in the same game. This new system will be making up for the lack of the auction house from the PC version. Diablo III will also have online and offline co-op for up to four players on its console version. There is no release date yet.

Blizzard’s Rob Pardo talks to Chris Grant from Polygon about the company’s new game, Hearthstone. Check out the video.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger will bring a new spin to the series. Techland shows us a mix of myth and truth in this downloadable title. Some of the “based on real-life” characters you will see in the game are Pat Garrett, Wild Bill Hickok, and Billy the Kid. With arcade-like action, new environments, and an old west style, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger sounds very promising! Read more here.

The Elder Scrolls Online boasts new character advancement. This new MMO is just what fans of Elder Scrolls and MMOs have been waiting for. The game will feature PvP, lots of action in the combat system, and skills that level with use. Build your characters the way you want with use of any weapon or armor, but also gain item-specific abilities with each one you choose. The game launches later this year, and I know we are all hoping to get into that beta!

Gearbox released a teaser video at its panel this year. This will be the last DLC in the season pass. Polygon captured it on video, so here it is. Roll for initiative!

Borderlands 2 also has a new playable character: Krieg the Psycho. This melee-based character is based on the psycho enemies in the game. Your action skill for Krieg is Blood Axe Rampage, which allows the character to regain health while dealing damage with your Buzz Axe. The skill trees for this character are:

  • Bloodlust: Deal tons of damage, increase your survival, and gain bonuses base on damage dealt.
  • Mania: Increase the damage you deal when taking damage, and gain rewards when injured, such as cooldown reduction on your action skill.
  • Hellborn: Increases elemental damage dealt. Increases fire damage when on fire.

Krieg will be out in May, and is a $10 standalone DLC. Read more about him here.

Be sure to check out more about these and other games that were talked about at this year’s PAX East, and let us know what you think! We hope you have enjoyed our coverage.

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