The Gaming Goddess Podcast – Season 3, Episode 5: Dungeon Delving, Etc.

It’s time for another podcast episode, and this time I am joined by two recurring guests, Mark Matthews (aka “Virtual Aristeia”) and Jeremy Stratton, who come on the show to have a casual, round-table style discussion about various aspects of Guild Wars 2!

Obviously, GW2 is a game that you could talk about for hours and still not even hardly scratch the surface, but I think we cover a fair amount of ground here and hopefully hit on some topics that some of you might have been wondering about. Jeremy was a great sport and had a lot of good questions, so we ended up talking about dungeons, gear, PvP, and a lot more!

If you’d like to download a copy of this show in MP3 format, you can do so here:…

Be sure to visit Jeremy’s website, JustOneMMOre.


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