Lady Gamers for the Month of February: Niea and Misconduct

This month’s Ladies of Gaming are Niea and Misconduct of 2Girls1Minecraft, a YouTube channel focused on their Minecraft exploits!
Misconduct (aka Rolled aka Imaorc) is an insurance agent in Arizona.
Niea is a barista living in North Carolina. The two decided to team up and create a YouTube channel focused on the game they both love.

1.) What’s your favorite game of all time? What’s your favorite game of right now?

(M) I always have a hard time answering favorite game of all time because I have loved so many games and I always seem to change my answer! Mario RPG, Final Fantasy III and VII and, well, anything before VIII, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and Minecraft, obviously. As you can see, big fan of SNES RPGs.

My favorite game at the moment is probably Minecraft, although I really loved Dishonored, Skyrim, and the Fallout series. So many games and so little time! I really hope Elder Scrolls Online is good, as I fell out of love with WoW awhile ago and I miss MMOs.

(N) Well, it’s really hard to pick just one. If I had to go based on time played, I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for seven years now, but oddly enough, one of my favorite games of all time is Final Fantasy VIII. A lot of people disliked the game, but I played it at a point in my life where it really made an impact and took up a lot of my time, and I love the story. Contrary to what most people think of it, I thought it was a great game! I’m also a huge fan of DDR, and I would have to say my current favorite game is World of Warcraft.

2.) What inspired you to create a YouTube channel?

(N) I used to work as a moderator for the Yogscast on their website and servers. I think being around that type of community and lifestyle really opened my eyes to the world of YouTube. However, it really all started when people would listen to us in Skype or Ventrilo and tell us “You guys are really funny, you should make a YouTube channel.” The conversation then lead to what weird/stupid names we could name the channel, and the name 2girls1minecraft came up. I went to YouTube to see if the name was taken and reserved it. I never planned on doing YouTube, to be honest, but we put up our first video. Simon from the Yogscast linked it on his Facebook, and got us our first big push in subscribers. Kurtjmac stumbled upon our videos and featured us, which was our second big push, and the rest is history!

3.) Tell us about your server on Minecraft!

(N) One thing we remember from our first Minecraft days was the struggle of finding a good Minecraft server. One that included really fun add-ons that made the game unique and gave players something to work towards. Since we remembered how hard that struggle was, we took it upon ourselves to make our own the way WE’VE always wanted one to be. We found an amazing friend named Chris to help us set it up and run it, and since then, it’s been very active and the community is amazing! You can join our dedicated Minecraft server at!

(M) We could probably support more players, but we cap it off at 200 at the moment. I love our server, and our community is really an amazing group of people. We have an extremely strict no grief policy, mostly because I hated getting griefed so much when I played on other servers. Our mods are amazing, and I have a good time whenever I’m on.

4.) Any funny gaming or YouTube stories?

(N) One of my favorite stories is when I was playing a battleground called Isle of Conquest in World of Warcraft and I was standing on a tower. There was an enemy player below me, so I wanted to creep to the edge and ranged attack him. Having played Minecraft a lot right before then, I pressed shift to crouch so I wouldn’t fall off the edge. Needless to say, that is not a valid mechanic in WoW, and I dove right off the edge. It was pretty hilarious.

(M) Sometimes we laugh so hard at the stupid crap we do I have asthma attacks. That, of course, makes us laugh harder, and I almost die.

5.) Which of your videos was your favorite one to make?

(M) The Survival Time videos have been some of my favorite videos to make. I love that we bring so many fans in on the videos, and we have a great time being obnoxious and messing with the story they have planned for us. Poor things, we always find a way to do something completely random and make them scramble to get us back on track.

6.) Have you ever been treated different in the gaming community because of your gender?

(N) Oh, of course! You know, the typical “Girls can’t play video games” or various kitchen jokes are always gonna be there. Even the extreme perverted types who will hit on you every two seconds. If you are new to gaming, this may bother you as a female, but when you’ve been around long enough, you grow thicker skin and, if anything, learn to laugh it off and ignore it. Those types of comments and people will always be there; they are called trolls, and, as they say, “Don’t feed the trolls!” I don’t like it, I don’t agree with it, but I’m almost positive it’ll always be there. So, don’t let it get to you. Play the games you love, have fun doing it, and don’t let anyone bring you down, ever.

7.) Do you have any inspirations?

(M) I have a lot of inspirations! However, I try not to aspire to be like other people, because whatever they do is their thing. I want to do my thing, whatever that is. I usually figure it out eventually.

(N) I really hate to possibly sound cliché, but I really look up to Felicia Day, but even more so, I look up to Dodger. One thing (and I may upset a few people saying this) that I really dislike about “stereotypical female gamers” is their tendency to gain popularity through showing off their looks/cleavage, acting ditzy, and/or not being themselves just to appease what people wanna see. Dodger is one of the few women I’ve met who is 100% herself. She doesn’t aim to impress anyone, doesn’t need to splash on pounds of makeup or wear skimpy outfits to get attention. She is a genuinely amazing person, down to earth, and incredibly smart. Getting to know her has really made me realize that I look up to her and respect her for how she carries and presents herself.

8.) Do you have any advice for other women hoping to start a gaming YouTube channel?

(M) Be yourself and be legit. Don’t ever worry about what other people think you should be. Ever. If you make videos about something that you legitimately like and care about, you’ll end up with a group of people who share the same interests and it’ll take off from there. Last but most importantly, don’t let it stop being fun.

(N) My first and most important piece of advice to a woman wanting to start a YouTube channel is to be prepared for the insane amount of creepy/insulting comments that may come at first. It’s inevitable, and you really cannot let it get you down. Female or not, starting a YouTube channel and making it successful is not easy. Be genuine, do it because you love it and don’t give up! Some people get lucky, for others it takes a while to get your name out there. Don’t get discouraged! And on the technical standpoint, make sure you have a decent camera/computer to record with, good sound and visually appealing thumbnails/backgrounds help. Remember, you want to look professional!

Parting Words:

We are a pretty small YouTube channel and never really did or do plan on getting big.  However, we don’t just consider ourselves a “Youtube Channel.” I like to consider us a community.

We are nothing without our subscribers and try to include them in as much as we can, from videos, to decisions on projects! We have a story-based Minecraft series called “Survival Time,” where fans are brought in to become characters in the story and we do several Let’s Plays of  various games and plan to do skits/machinimas soon! We love our community and hope that you, yes you, will consider joining it.

Go subscribe!

These two ladies are so genuine, and their videos are so fun! Their Swag Farm series is my favorite, so be sure to check it out as well. Remember to subscribe to their channel 2Girls1Minecraft and also check out their website They’d also love to play with you so head over to their Minecraft server

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