A Nerdy But Flirty Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day! To celebrate, the ladies of Nerdy But Flirty have compiled a list of our video game valentines!

Is it creepy that we have crushes on imaginary men?…NAH!

“I would have to say Link, Ocarina of Time version, would be my video game valentine. He’s loyal, dependable, and a man of action. He doesn’t need to brag or make a lot of empty promises. He just does. He’s the strong silent type…and also his thighs. Oh man, I love his thick thighs. Seriously, look at them! He could plow a field with those thick thighs! His legs might have shrunken over the years, but Ocarina of Time Link still holds the true thickness. You can check out his thighs in all their true glory in Soul Calibur 2.” – Allyce


“My video game Valentine is a three-way between Alistair (Dragon Age: Origins), Fenris (DAII) or Kaidan (Mass Effect Trilogy). Roses from Alistair, awesome sex from Fenris, and unconditional love from Kaidan!” – Jessica


“When it comes to a Valentine from a video game, which I presume here refers to someone I would have a “crush” on from a game, there are a lot to choose from.

If put on the spot, I think Alucard would have to reach the top of the list of male characters. He is one of the deepest male characters out there when you get into the lore of Castlevania, and I just love his dark, brooding mannerisms and the fact that he is still extremely polite and does have a softer side due to his dhampirism (not being, you know, a full vampire). It’s also a plus that he’s not all sparkly and such-like, and he can kick some serious butt with just about any weapon tossed at him. Literally. I mean, have you ever played Castlevania: Symphony of the Night?  Oh, that’s silly: who HASN’T played that game?


To be fair, though, I think I will have to pick a female character I totally would go out with if they were real. This is hard, because two characters come to mind. First, there is Quistis from Final Fantasy VIII. She is sexy, very smart, and a great fighter. Plus, she can whip people into submission…quite literally! A close tie to her would be Samus from Nintendo’s Metroid franchise. She is such a powerful female figure, is very mysterious, and, let’s face it, she has a pretty awesome job. Who wouldn’t like flying around the galaxies as a bounty hunter with a rockin’ power suit?” – Allahweh


“This is a really difficult choice for me! I’ve had love affairs with many Bioware men – Anomen, Carth, Sky, Kaidan, and Zevran. I think I might have to go with Kaidan though, considering how much I played the first Mass Effect. I think he also probably has the least baggage out of any of those men, which is always a great thing…and he’s pretty cute.” – Kelsey


“I’m torn between him and Luke from Harvest Moon and Hwoarang…”- Kurosune. Check out her full article here, where she clearly made her decision!


“My video game Valentine, without a doubt, is Ezio Auditore! Oh, that charisma!” – Amanda aka Ardenwolfe


“I don’t know how I could possibly choose who would be my video game Valentine! Between hotties like Hwoarang (Tekken Series), funny guys like Garrus, and sexy frog-men like Thane, I just have too many choices. Oh, heck, I’ll just pick Vaas from Far Cry 3. He’s beautiful and crazy, meaning, if nothing else, our V-day date would be interesting!” – SarahTheRebel


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