Subject 5 Convention


Subject 5 is a new sci-fi web series about five people with special powers who have been kidnapped, programmed, and trained as assassins.

Subject 5 Con will be a smaller, similar version of Comic Con. It’s our official web series launch, fundraiser, and glimpse of our future at Comic Con. It will showcase artists and industry speakers in the world of anime, horror, animation, sci-fi, and “live” entertainment.

Guests of Honor: Richard Epcar from Legend of KorraGhost in the Shell, and Robotech and J.B. Blanc from BleachNaruto, and The Avengers will be appearing from 11am until 11:30am.

For other guests and panels, click here.

WHEN: Saturday, February 9, 10am until 3pm

WHERE: Studio Stage Theater, 520 Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90004

HOW MUCH: $10 advance sale price, $15 at the door price

For more information, to buy tickets, and to donate to the series, go to their website!

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