Gamers for Sandy Hook: Join Us!

The tragedy at Sandy Hook still echoes strongly in many hearts, mine included. In fact, I didn’t even have the heart to try and write something up about it (which would be appropriate, since video games were brought into the discussion as one of the scapegoats).

Connecticut School Shooting

I didn’t know what to do, so I did nothing.

Then, Commander Bedlam reached out to me to see if NBF would help with something she called Gamers for Sandy Hook, an initiative to raise money for the affected families and community.

Mark Meer (aka the voice of Commander Shepard!) is donating a Skype date with the person who donates the highest amount (in total) on February 6th 2013 at 9 pm EST. You have until January 25th, 2013 at 8 pm EST to try to be the highest donor. Yeah, you read that right…a date with Commander Shepard (if you close your eyes).


Mark isn’t the only voice actor down with the cause. Elias Toufexis, the voice of Adam Jensen from Deus Ex: Human Revolution (and others such as Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, and Need for Speed), shared this video endorsement of Gamers for Sandy Hook:

Subscribe to for updated prize information, as I hear there may even be a signed copy of Mass Effect‘s OST in the pipeline!

Click to donate or for more information!

Oh, and be sure to mention Nerdy But Flirty when you donate! If at least 200 people mention us when donating, I will donate an extra amount, based on the number of mentions. Join us in giving back to a community torn apart. Let’s show them that they are not alone, and that we care.

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