Meet Microsoft’s New Halo 4 Legend: Why Yes, She IS a Girl Gamer!

Alex Hebert-Ruiz.

There is something that set all of us girl gamers down the gaming path, and we usually began to walk that path as wee baby gamers, some as early as two, three, four, or five years old. For me, it was because I was bloody obsessed with my cousin;s Sega Genesis, playing games such as Pocahontas, The Lion King, Aladdin, and Sonic and Knuckles. And then, one morning on Christmas, what did I spy sitting beneath the tree, wrapped up like a miracle beside the colorful talking dollhouse my sister had wanted so badly?

A Sega Genesis, complete with Sonic and Knuckles, and Sonic 3—it was the original Sonic and Knuckles where the top of the cartridge opened and you could insert Sonic 3 on top of it to unlock Knuckles.

From then on out, what my parents thought was “just a phase” (if you consider “just a phase” as throwing these massive tantrums at having to sacrifice the TV so your sister could watch her Barbie videos, cutting into the time used for acquiring more chaos emeralds, or how if bringing home bad grades meant the love of your life (your game system) was disassembled and scattered around the house and you had to go on a Zelda-esque quest to find them all and sneak-play it when no one was home) quickly grew into one of my greatest obsessions—video games.

Alex (second from right) and some Frag Dolls.

And that’s how it started for Alex Hebert-Ruiz, who as a child became just as obsessed with her brother’s Nintendo as a wee baby gamer. Continuing to play video games eventually landed her a position at Microsoft, where her skills as an expert, world champion level gamer has brought her success as well as high accolades from us girl gamers (and guys who are willing to admit that they got utterly spanked by a girl in Halo), who are proud to see a woman make it this far in the gaming world.

Alex is now a globe-hopping, video game super star who takes her master skills to competitions across the world, locking horns (and sniper rifles) with the best of the best in the Halo world. This is one of the many perks of having been a member of The Frag Dolls, which is an awesome, all-female gaming team who are known for traveling around for the sole purpose of competing in gaming competitions across the world.

In the article, she says the beautiful phrase that so many girls can relate to nowadays: “My life is sleep, eat, work, and as much Halo 4 as I can squeeze in-between,” what with her new, fun, and exciting position at Microsoft now taking up a good majority of her time, but she says she still manages to clock at least twenty hours a week.

Truthfully, as a girl gamer, Alex is an inspiration to me as well as thousands upon thousands of girl gamers in the world, and as a woman, I am especially overjoyed to see her make it so far in the first-person shooter world, (especially on Live, where plenty of sexist tools will spend most of their time screaming, “Show me yer t*ts,” or, “Are you a real girl?” instead of actually gaming and, of course, get their asses handed to them) and prove to everyone that just because a game (or video games in general) is made for a guy, doesn’t mean she can’t excel in it. Remember, guy gamers, any game you play, we can play better (accepting all challenges!).

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