5 Video Game Birds to Help You Celebrate Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving finally here, I thought it would be appropriate to take a moment and celebrate the main attraction of Turkey Day: the bird. Here are a few birds in video games that we honor this day, and all the other days, forever and ever, amen.

5. The Zelda Chickens

Upon entering Kakariko Village, the chickens meandering the fields seem harmless enough. But, get Link to give one a good whack, and soon you’ll be singing a different tune altogether. These chickens will have you running towards Death Mountain, praying for some way to escape their squawking beaks and wishing you could let loose and maybe cook one up for dinner. Although they are pretty hilarious, they’re last on this list because they do get a bit…annoying.

4. Kazooie

Nothing screams childhood to me more than Zelda, Super Mario, and Banjo-Kazooie. Kazooie is the number one,  hands-down best “wingman” in the world. (Ha-ha, get it?) Always in Banjo’s ear yapping about one thing or another, Banjo and Kazooie are absolutely inseparable. Sassy, spunky, and a little bit wacky, Kazooie is always entertaining.

3. Moltres

All right, I had to throw in one of the Pokémon trifecta. Although I had a hard time choosing between Zapdos and Moltres (Articuno’s face always bothered me), I ended up going with the more badass one, in my humble opinion. Even though Zapdos does a bit better than Moltres in both special defense and speed, Moltres outshines in both attack and defense. Also, it’s a freaking bird made of fire. Like a phoenix, but not. How cool is Moltres’s Sunny Day and Sky Attack? Moltres could probably cook your Thanksgiving turkey FOR you.

2. Falco Lombardi

You may know him from Super Smash Bros., Star Fox, or both. Falco is, in one word: a boss. One of the least-irritating characters, Falco is an awesome pilot who always has something to say. Although many people believe that Falco looks down his beak at the other members of the team, I personally love his attitude. Intelligent, calm, and collected, Falco brings quiet strength and focus to the team. Definitely a great video game bird…pheasant…falcon.

1. Blathers

Animal Crossing is one of the most entertaining games I have ever played, and Blathers is probably the most memorable character on the Animal Crossing team. Blathers lives in the museum in town, and you often find him sleeping on the job. He wakes up confused and in a daze, frantically apologizing for his lack of propriety. What we soon realize is he is always snoozing because he’s probably up at odd hours of the night, poring over his work. His undying and fierce dedication to the museum is what makes Blathers number one. His expansive knowledge about plants, insects, and fossils, his lovable demeanor, and his love and devotion to the museum in town makes him the best video game bird I know.

Remember to honor your bird this Thanksgiving, folks. Also, your families and jobs and all that other stuff, too. Happy Holidays!

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