Top 5 Funniest Sexy Halloween Costumes

Want to be nerdy but still flirty this Halloween? Sites like Yandy have all kinds of ridiculous geek costumes sexied up for the season! Some people say sexy has gone too far…I think sexy velociraptor would shut them up though.

Clevah girl

Here are the top 5 funniest geeky sexy Halloween costumes (whew, say that five times fast):

5. Sexy Joker

Please be a little more serious.

This is more frightening than sexy, in my opinion, but it could just be the wig and white face with tan arms and legs. The dress itself is sexy, and the corset is fab.

4. Sexy Marvin the Martian

halloween, costume, marvin the martian, sexy, worst, funniest, Yandy

Wanna play with my space modulator?

Nothing screams sexy like angry boob eyes and the memory of that little man’s voice. Oh wait, I mixed up the word “sexy” with the word “wtf”. There’s no reason to have his eyes on your chest instead of leaving them out – unless you’re worried your clients might try blackface without. Also, I’m sure they could have tried harder with the helmet!

3. Sexy Chewbacca


The description says, “Explore the galaxy while staying warm with the five piece Sci-Fi Furry Costume set…” This one is bad for multiple reasons. First, would you be able to figure out this was Chewbacca if there were no stars behind her and she wasn’t grouped with Sexy Darth Vader? Second, Chewie looks like he smells bad. Why would ANYONE want to be a sexy version of him? I do have to give them props for cute-ifying the gun-purse though.

2. Sexy Yoshi

Bobbin’ for apples! Poopin’ extra life eggs

I’m going to say this slowly. This. Is. Yoshi. Sexified. 0_0. Again, let’s head to the description: “Get cuddly and fierce in the Green Dinosaur Dress…” The back also has the little circle to represent the saddle. This costume is kind of like seeing your childhood grow up and do drugs. Anyone who makes out with the woman wearing this costume who doesn’t feel a little guilty for taking advantage of a baby dinosaur helper is a little bit evil.

1. Sexy Sonic the Hedgehog

If you like it then you bettah put some rings on it

This one was apparently so bad that, as far as I can tell, it has been removed. That or the Sonic folks got them on copyright stuff. Either way, if I think back on sexy game protagonists, I can honestly say that Sonic goes on the bottom as least sexy and most childlike of all. I’m pretty sure if you find this outfit sexy, you should probaby commit seppuku. You know, for your honor.

But then what can I wear?!

You wear what you want kitten…after all…I plan to be a steampunk warrior in a band of future soldiers. Who am I to judge? 😉

Think you found a funnier one? Share the link in the comments!

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