007 Legends Opening Cinematic

007 Legends Logo

Last Friday was Global James Bond Day.

Did you miss it?

I sure as hell did. Likely because I was busy somewhere flipping the bird at any senior citizen who wandered near me…but even though we missed the glorious holiday, we’ve been given a little present to ease our broken hearts: the intro to 007 Legends, the newest James Bond game.

If you haven’t heard, the idea is that James Bond decides that Sonic Generations is a really good idea and therefore stages his own rendition, letting you play through modernized interpretations of five classic Bond films.

Almost E’RRYBODY from the current Daniel Craig iteration of the film series is onboard, including Mr. Craig himself.

Note that the intro uses a new version of the theme from Sean Connery’s Goldfinger. 

007 Legends comes out next Tuesday, October 16th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and December 4th for the WiiU. If anyone wants to send me a free copy, I’ll send you back a signed glossy photograph of myself.


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