Marvel Avengers Alliance Review

Marvel Avengers Alliance

By TheNewGal (

I got sucked in! I vowed never to play Facebook games, but there I was logging in, flying around the universe, doing research, and fighting crime. My absolute favorite part of this game is collecting gifts from my allies as soon as I get in so that I can use them in my fights.

Basically, Avengers Alliance is everything that you love about Marvel with some creepy, dangerous-sounding music and all the great Marvel heroes. You start off as an agent with none other than Iron Man in your crew.

Avengers Alliance Screenshot

My flight deck with my Allies on the bottom

The first thing you should do is find other Facebook friends who are already playing the game. They’ll see incentives in sending you gifts, and that way you can go back and forth helping each other out as allies.

It’s much easier than forcing people who aren’t playing the game yet to get them in, the thing that I hate most about Facebook Apps. And trust me, you need the stuff they send you to win, especially if you’re playing for free. MUST HAVE ALLIES.

The matches are the key highlights for me, although when I started I didn’t really have a strategy or know to match the weapons with the people that I was fighting. You quickly learn what creates the biggest effects against your opponents. You can only use one distress call during your fight, so save it for a good time and don’t forget to recharge your players with stamina and energy, especially when you play against waves of foes.

Avengers Alliance Battle

Fighting with my peeps

Of course, the boss fights are the best, because they are REALLY big. I really hate losing though. After a solid two weeks of playing, this ugly guy has been my favorite boss.

Avengers Alliance MODOK Boss Fight

Ugly boss.

That leads me to my favorite heroes. Iron Man really is the most effective, and Hawkeye is not half bad. The heroes who throw some type of fire are generally the best. However, if you’re playing for free (like me) you kind of have to take what you can get.

It makes me mad that the female heroes definitely do not have as much ‘umph’ as the males as far as doling out destruction. Kind of infuriating.

As a person who doesn’t normally play games, its great to send your drones off to do research and missions, so that when you get back there’s more stuff to collect. But there are few times where I’ve almost been tempted to pay for this free game to speed up my awesomeness. You can pay to speed up missions or research, and of course for costumes, weapons, and other neat stuff that helps you beat people.

Given my limited knowledge of gaming, I would rate this game a B+, but you should try it out and judge for yourself. It doesn’t take long to get into, and it’s FREEEEEE.

Don’t blame me if you get addicted to it.

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