Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Review

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Logo

FINALLY, the moment I’d been waiting for: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was in my grasp.

The first thing I noticed, upon opening the game, was that Nina and Anna were on the inside. Wonderingly, I pulled out the cover and reversed it. I now had a game with Nina on the cover. ❤

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Cover

I started the game up on my PS3 and immediately jumped into Arcade mode so I could get a feel for the game before challenging anyone in the online version.

As the familiar music played, I felt exhilarated. My blood was pumping as I watched Angel and Ogre laser beam each other!



Boy…oh boy. Team Assassin’s Fist (aka Nina and Law, my favorite tag team matchup) were doing fine until we got to Heihachi and Jinpachi. They were the first major challenge and took about three tries to beat. But once I recognized Jinpachi’s tendency to move around the full 3D space, I got the hang of it, and he was toast. Ogre was next, and he was easily dispatched.

And then I fought Jun.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Jun

Jun starts off in riot gear in a happy land of fluff. Which, by the way, looks a MILLION times better than it did at E3. She wrecked my ass. It took me about six tries to beat her in a round. After you beat Jun once, she transforms into Unknown.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unknown


Unknown proceeded to utterly decimate my team. I lost.

I lost twenty times.


At about ten losses to Unknown, I considered quitting to go learn the Tag Assaults and all the other special partner moves I was supposed to be using. How foolish of me to jump into this battle not knowing anything about the system. So what if I’ve played every Tekken ever? That did not prepare me for the spanking Unknown unleashed upon my purple-camouflaged ass.

But I had been drinking, and the drink gave me the manic fuel I needed to keep pressing start at the continue menu. I just couldn’t quit until I defeated her. And, finally, I did. I defeated that wonderful, sexy, dubstepped-out creature.

My finishing move was Law’s version of a noogie.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Screenshot Heihachi Kazuya Jin

In a general sense, this plays like any Tekken after Tekken 4. A very, very, general sense. Otherwise, this is the kind of game that is really reserved for fighting game fanatics. Casual players will not want to play this game with anyone but other casuals…because otherwise, there will be rage-quitting.

Tekken Tag 2 is difficult. Even fight lab, the training/story mode, is challenging. I know people who have reviewed the game for major sites and admit to not being able to defeat the final boss in Arcade mode. This is a fighting game that will either challenge you in a way you love or alienate you with its unforgiving juggle and tag system.

However, if you are up to the challenge, the tag-based moves are frikkin’ schweet. I wanted to play as other characters just to try out their unique tags.


The graphics are sharper and cleaner than those in Tekken 6. All my worries from E3 were unfounded, and the levels are as beautiful and interactive as ever.


I love the music. There is the familiar opening music, the heavy, exciting dubstep of the final boss level, and the ridiculous but high (get it?) energy song by Snoop Lion to keep you entertained as you kick someone to knock-out.

DLC Goodies

For pre-ordering, I received a variety of goodies (and some baddies), including the ever-useful bikini pack, characters like Ancient Ogre and Kunimitsu, a Snoop stage, and a dynamic theme for my PS3.

The Dynamic theme sucks so far, but I’m holding out hope that it is more dynamic than it first appears. The other supposed assets were the character sketches, music remixes, and Tokyo video but, despite my code working, I was unable to actually click on these items.

Jaycee TTT2

Jaycee, what are you touching?


Things I loved:

  • WHY ARE THEY WEARING SILLY HATS? Every team I fought in Arcade mode had silly hats on!
  • New combos! Feels like forever…
  • The music for Unknown’s stage
  • Nina’s sweater
  • The motion-coloring-book style of the Fight Lab and anime-like voices and acting
  • The picture of the fight robot as a show girl ❤

Things I didn’t love:

  • Unknown’s liberal use of the giant wolf hand
  • Feeling like a noob
  • Online pass? This seems kinda wrong for a game so strongly based in online fighting alone…there is no real story-mode here

At first I felt embarassed about how hard I found the boss, but then I learned other people found it difficult too, so I know I’ll get better. I enjoy how crisp and beautiful everything is, the music, and the interactive stages. There is plenty to do in TTT2!  #TeamAssassinsFist

Overall, I love this game and would give it a B+. It would be an A with a better story and more accessibility.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Sketch

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