A Discussion of Mass Effect 3’s Leviathan DLC **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

Seriously, lots of spoilers. Stop reading right now if that’s going to bother you.

Mass Effect 3 Leviathan

This is really more of an excuse to gush about how awesome the DLC is, rather than a full review. The actual review is coming soon from Kelsey [Now Available!], and it will (probably) be spoiler free [Editor’s update: Ha, ha, no. Totally has spoilers]. And she might hate it. You never know.

In the meantime, this story just inspired me to want to have a discussion about it with others who have played the DLC.

Now, some people gave up on ME3 when they got down to what is well known as a horrible ending. However, after growing up with Katara not choosing Zuko and Aragorn not being a black man, I have learned to use my imagination and to create the endings I would rather see. Therefore, I completely ignore the current ending and can still enjoy this game.

So, back to Leviathan, the latest DLC for Mass Effect 3, coming in at $9.99 on the PSN. In a nutshell, this DLC is well worth the money.


Of course, this being a Bioware game, they know how to do story. There’s no surprise there. What is pleasantly surprising is how well-done, fun, and mind-blowing this story is. Mind blowing not because it’s never been done before, but mostly because of the revelations you will receive playing this game.

It is great fun to suddenly go from playing a sci-fi/fantasy book to playing a mystery book. I was Detective Commander Shepard and EDI was my Watson. My Booth. My Mulder.

I’ll take a moment to say I really appreciate DLC where I’m not by myself. I love that these characters are clearly a part of Shepard’s life. They are intimately involved in her missions, as they should be. The previous DLCs for both Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 where Shepard was on her own just seemed silly and lifeless. Thanks, BioWare, for rectifying this issue.

Hunting for clues was even more fun given the fact that we were hunting for them in such a small space. Bioware managed to deftly sidestep the issue of creating lots of new area maps by giving us a viable reason to stay in this one location.

I also really enjoyed the head that yelled at me. I stood in front of him and I pressed that X button over. And over. And over. Imagine my delight when James suggested I take it with me. I now hang out in my cabin and yell back at the yelly-head. Yes, I am uber-mature.

That’s not to stay there wasn’t combat or that we stayed in the same place the entire time. During this DLC you visit an asteroid and two different planets. This is a vast improvement, in my opinion, over the normal one planet, one area DLCs of the past (not counting those horrid, horrid vehicle DLCs that involved hopping around on various planet’s volcanoes).

Bioware promised a mystery and they certainly delivered, leading me all over the galaxy on a merry chase.


We meet a few new charaters in this DLC and we also have great interaction with current squad mates. If you have romanced Garrus, I recommend taking him along on both the Scarab reconnaissance mission and the underwater reconnaissance mission. His dialogue and his worry about you are worth the $10 by itself. ❤

I also loved being forced to have EDI along for a large portion of the DLC. I forget how funny she is, although her breasts were terribly distracting.

New Characters

As for the new characters; we have some crazy mofos, a brilliant doctor (Ann Bryson), and Leviathan himself. I was surprised by the emotional honesty of Ann’s character. Her grief over her father and bitterness towards him are very real and believable and played pitch-perfect by her voice actress (If anyone knows who did the voice work for her, let me know in the comments because I can’t find the answer and I’d love to know more about her).

When she makes the suggestion that we let the artifact take control of her, I thought it was a brilliant move, kind of showing a little bit of the ruthlessness of Shepard, even if you don’t choose the renegade action. I also enjoyed that Bioware stayed true to choice mattering, because your actions during this scene affect your ability to find Leviathan immediately.


Leviathan himself was a great bad guy. The moment when I was in the mech suit, feeling enclosed and claustrophobic, surrounded by the dark, echoing depths of the ocean, I was scared. The music, the lighting, and the coloring all worked together to create the perfect ambiance. When Godzilla, I mean Leviathan, rose from the depths I felt helpless. I couldn’t imagine how I could beat this giant creature with my wonky little mech. I wanted to run away but knew I couldn’t escape in time.

And then Leviathan began to speak. And provided the most straight answers and best explanations of any character in this entire series.

Thank you Leviathan. I felt like a pothead, pondering all the possibilities of the universe that his dialogue opened up!

Also, you’ve got to love that the machine that creates all this trouble was created to stop organics from making machines that will destroy them.

Also, he was very pretty. If he was my friend I would call him “General Crustard the CrustaceaReaper.”


There’s a good balance between combat and non-combat parts of this DLC. I like that they incorporated some of the new elements from the last multiplayer DLC, Earth, such as escort missions. The fight with harvesters shooting everything down around me was my favorite part.


I would say my only quibble with this DLC is the fact that the Leviathan almost gives in too easily. But I don’t really know how to fix that.

Overall this DLC was a great romp and I am definitely playing it again…  if just to take Javik along. I bet he has some snarky things to say ❤

Score: A+


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