Midweek Nerdy News Roundup

I have the day off, and so I am sitting here in quasi-pajamas rounding up the news for you.

Minecraft Screenshot

On Monday, Minecraft hit 3.6 million units sold on Xbox Live Arcade. Which is a lot. Apparently, Mojang developer David Kaplan was surprised by this when he found out, to which I can only reply, “Where have you been the past three months?”

Peter Molyneux

Peter Molyneaux has added a new subtitle to his project Curiosity. It is now Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube?. He has also announced that his new studio, 22 Cans, will follow up the aforementioned project with one called Cooperation in which there is even more large-scale teamwork stuff. And then he is going to start touring as an inspirational speaker and help inspire companies with team building exercises.

Just kidding. Maybe.

Adventure Time

Pendelton Ward loves games, you guys! The creator of the lumping awesome show Adventure Time has started a tumblr, where he plans to interview gaming type people and generally be cool. Right now though, all he has up are some goofy little doodles of Mario. I think. But hey, I’m following it because I love Adventure Time and I also love video games! Mathematical!


The film adaptation of the popular series Uncharted has lost its director, Neil Burger, but it gained the writers of the National Treasure film series. Yay? Husband and wife team Marianne and Cormac Wibberley also brought us the masterpiece that was Tim Allen’s the Shaggy Dog. I see many things in the future for the Uncharted film, and they are not necessarily good.

Mass Effect 3 Femshep

The Leviathan DLC for Mass Effect 3 was released today. The trailer from Bioware looks pretty snazzy, particularly the slow-mo banshee shrieking. And It looks like Shepard is going to be going for a little swim, because the planet the Normandy crew ends up heading to is entirely ocean. SHEPARD SUBMARINE, ACTIVATE!


In case you didn’t know, A&E is producing a television prequel to the Hitchcock film Psycho. And they have already chosen their Norma Bates. Vera Farmiga, the Oscar-nominated actress who has starred in Up in the Air and The Departedis set to play the mother of the deranged murderer Norman Bates. Hopefully the show will be as creepy as I am imagining it to be.


New Skyrim DLC is being released next week! Hearthfire will allow you to purchase a plot of land in Skyrim, and build your dream house on it. Plus add farms, libraries, greenhouses, mounted mud crabs, and even adopt some of those bratty Skyrim children! You can also have your own personal bard! You can tell how excited I am because of all the exclamation points I have been using! SKYRIM SIMS.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama continues to restore my faith in humanity. This past week she let us know that no, she has not read 50 Shades of Grey. She says honestly, she and president haven’t had a lot of time for reading. But I really don’t think that if she did, Michelle Obama would be reading poorly-written sadomasochistic porn.

Prince Harry

And finally, the fabulous ladies rag Playgirl has reportedly offered Prince Harry six figures to pose nude after his naked Las Vegas incident last week. The male revue Chippendales has also extended a job offer to the prince, and the big budget porn studio Vivid Entertainment wants him for an exclusive film all about his “crown jewels.”

Well then.

While I can’t say I would be opposed to this, I doubt we’re going to be seeing any more of Harry for now.

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