Nerdy News Roundup

Go go gadget news! Activate! Or whatever.

New Microsoft Logo

Microsoft got a new logo for the first time in twenty-five years. And it looks…boring! Microsoft people are saying that it is ushering in a “new era for Microsoft” and talking about how the tiles are “meant to invoke touch-screen tiles.” And I am sitting here at my desk going, “Oh, right, it’s not wavy anymore.” Sorry Bill, it’s just okay-looking.

Borderlands Demake

Gearbox released a free-to-play 16 bit “demake” of Borderlands as a promo before the big Borderlands 2 release. It’s a little top-down shooter game that you will probably play for about fifteen minutes and get tired of. Apparently, some of the guns also have “random” assigned to them, so instead of shooting where you want them to they just shoot in random directions. So that’s about as effective as you can imagine. Head over to the site and play it yourself.

Peter Molyneux‘s baby, Curiosity: The Cube, has been delayed because, DUH Peter Molyneux, you gave it the same name as a $2.5 billion NASA project. Did you really think that was a good move? Anyway, so instead of releasing the game, they released a trailer.

And in the meantime, Molyneux took to Twitter to complain to us all about it.

Kinect prices dropped from $150 down to $110 this week. Probably because no one wants to buy one after they heard about the ludicrous plot of Dance Central 3.

In an interview with MCV Pacific, head of Team Ninja for the Dead or Alive franchise Yosuke Hayashi said that there’s no way they are changing how women are portrayed in their series. He is quoted as saying, “With the representation of female characters in the Dead or Alive franchise, we’ve always wanted to make the girls look as attractive as possible, and that’s something that’s not going to change for us at all.” And then he added again that, “we’re trying to make them look attractive.”

WE GET IT. We need to look and act like this (NSFW) to be as attractive as possible.

Thanks, Mr. Hayashi.

Tokyo Jungle

Speaking of Japan…TOKYO JUNGLE! What the hell is this game, and where can I sign up to be a chicken surviving in post-apocalyptic Japan? Also, I’m not actually sure that Urban Based Animal Survival is a genre. Sorry guys.

Sam Clafin

In movie news, Sam Clafin was announced as the lucky dude who gets to play Finnick Odair in the rest of the Hunger Games films. The character who was described as being the most insanely good-looking person of all time (pretty much). It was noted that after the announcement, all the fangirls in the world suddenly felt horribly underwhelmed.

Cleopatra Movie

It looks like David Fincher isn’t going to be directing the big, fat remake of Cleopatra, starring Angelina Jolie. “Oh! Another historical epic in which Angelina Jolie is a sexy, powerful queen lady? How unexpected!” said no one, ever. Ang Lee’s name is being tossed around a lot, suddenly, as Fincher’s replacement.

Wedding Crashers

Finally, in news that no one cares about, Taylor Swift crashed a Kennedy wedding this weekend, because she and her date didn’t RSVP. And the Kennedys are the high class kind of people who care about that shit, damn it! But Kathie Lee Gifford WAS THERE and she certainly had some opinions.

.Aaaand, I’m out. Stay tuned!

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