Molly Danger: The 10 Year Old Female Superhero

Who is Molly Danger? She’s got a cool name, for one. She’s super strong, seemingly immortal, and single-handedly defended Coopersville for the last twenty years.

Molly Danger

Molly Danger is one bonkin’ ten year old who battles the Supermechs, a team of cybernetically enhanced beings with special powers, to save the city of Coopersville. Aside from D.A.R.T. (or The Danger Action Response Team), she is utterly alone in the world.

Molly wishes for a family because she thinks she’s an alien whose real family died when they came to Earth. Then Molly meets Austin, a man who has joined D.A.R.T. to impress his step-son, and everything changes.

Molly Danger is the pet project of one Jamal Igle, whom you might be familiar with from his work on Action Comics, Firestorm the Nuclear Man, 52, Countdown, Daredevil/Shi, Iron Man, Iron Fist/Wolverine, KISS, New Warriors, Noble Causes, Nightwing, Spider-Man, Supergirl, Superman, and Zatanna. He’s also worked on TV series, like Max Steel and Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles. One of his current projects is Smallville Series 11 for DC Comics.

I’d say he’s qualified.

Igle is attempting to self-publish Molly Danger as a four book series of bi-annual, European-styled graphic albums, with the first release projected for September/October 2013. Molly has been around in concept since 2001 and now, finally, Igle is ready to make it happen.

Igle cites his daughter as the catalyst for his renewed passion, saying:

“I believe in Molly as character. I think that there aren’t enough characters for young girls to look up to who aren’t hampered by being overly-sexualized or by being subservient to another male character. I specifically designed Molly to be sort of an antithesis to mainstream superheroes.”

Amen! I get sick of girls in comics either being normal/the offshoot of a male leading character or “awesome” because of their super sexuality. Real girls can be cool just by being themselves! Jamal Igle is out to show the world just that, and he needs to raise $45,000 ASAP to do it.

So go to his Kickstarter page and donate something. You’ll even get some cool stuff.

Support cool girl power.

Support Molly Danger.

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