Who Is Your Favorite Comic Book Villainess?

Everyone loves a bad girl!

The first comic I ever picked up was a Captain America comic. The main villain, whose name I can’t even remember, was a woman. I fell in love with her, of course, and I remember reading that book until it fell apart, creating new scenarios in my head for her to exact cruel revenge on mean ol’ Captain America.

Flash forward ten years, and you’d find me in any given Books-a-Million or Barnes & Noble, hiding in the back to read my stack of Catwoman comics. Ignoring her ridiculous bosom, I worshipped everything about her, from her independent nature and ass-kicking fighting skills to her gaudy purple get-up.

Fast-forward ten more years, and you find me where I am today, eating up everything I can find about Illyria, the demon who stole my heart in Angel and carried it with her to her comic-book form.

The pattern here is a simple one: villainesses rock my boat. I know they rock yours too! So that brings me to our poll question: who is your favorite female comic book villain? Your answers matter! You have until Friday, so get to voting, and tell your friends to vote too!

Missing your favorite bad girl? Leave a comment instead! People commenting on your comment will also count as votes!

Tell us what you think!

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