Curiosity Lands on Mars: Nation Rejoices, Requests the Phone Number of Mohawk Guy

So I will be honest, I had no idea that the Mars rover “Curiosity” was landing until my Twitter feed started blowing up with updates about the mission.

I’m currently on a little vacation and chilling out at my parents’ house, so I was unable to watch it on my Xbox as so many other people did. However, NASA was livestreaming the whole event on their website, so I was able to watch the whole thing go down without any issues.

It was adorable and awesome to watch all of these hardworking NASA employees cheering in triumph every time a crucial part of the mission went off without a hitch. (Hey, mohawked hottie NASA dude: I just met you and this is crazy, but I like your hair stars, so call me maybe?)

It went perfectly, from what I could tell. They call the seven minutes it takes to enter the atmosphere of Mars and get to the surface of the planet the “Seven Minutes of Terror,” but there was nothing to be afraid of Sunday night.

Curiosity, which weighs one ton and is roughly the size of a car, landed on Mars at about 1:32am Monday morning inside the Gale Crater at the base of Sharp Mountain. Sharp Mountain is about three miles tall and ninety-six miles in diameter, and Curiosity is going to spend two years in this general area gathering data that will hopefully help us figure out if life was ever, or could ever, be supported on Mars.

Hopefully you all got a chance to check out the video at some point Sunday night but, if not, make sure you check NASA’s site and YouTube channel every once in awhile for updates and new photos and videos. There have already been some amazing pictures like this:

Curiosity's Shadow

Curiosity’s shadow.

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