Your Votes Were Cast: Who Was Your Favorite Catwoman?

The results are in!

Your favorite Catwoman is

Michelle Pfeiffer!

I’m happy to see Michelle take the prize for this one, but following closely behind her was Adrienne Barbeau, the voice of Catwoman in the beloved Batman: The Animated Series of my childhood. These two ladies are, coincidentally, MY two favorite Catwomans. I lived for the Batman episodes that featured her, and still remember many of them to this day.

Many young men reported hitting puberty much earlier than the norm that year…and a few ladies as well.

Speak with Specificity

When voting started, I was a little nervous because it appeared that Anne Hathaway was in the lead. Am I a hater? No, I was just worried that (as one tweeter opined) people were voting for “Which Catwoman Turns You On The Most?” instead of which Catwoman was the best.

However, even if this was the case, I would have to take some of the blame for it. I simply asked which Catwoman was your favorite, versus which Catwoman was the best, the sexiest, had the best actress, was the most convincing, etc.

If I were to do another, similar poll, I would make sure to be more specific in my language…’cause…I mean…really? No votes for the fabulous Eartha Kitt? You all have lost your minds.

The Breakdown:

Michelle Pfeiffer –  31%
Adrienne Barbeau – 28%
Anne Hathaway – 21%
Julie Newmar – 17%
Halle Berry – 3%
Eartha Kitt – 0%

Tell us what you think!

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