Tekken Tag 2 Character Announcement and Trailer

According to Event Hubs, NAMCO Bandai released a trailer yesterday on their YouTube channel announcing the appearance of Alex, Forest Law, P-Jack, and Tiger Jackson in their upcoming game, Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Not gonna lie about how hype I am that they are including Tiger after all. And also about his little hip movements in the trailer *growl*. Also not a little disappointed that they can’t just get rid of Alex and bring back Gon, although I heard it has something to do with copyrights. Curse them!


I was never a fan of P-Jack – he moves a little too slowly for me, but it looks like they gave him a few new moves, so I’m interested in giving him another whirl.

Already decided that Nina and Law will be my main tag team. ^_^ #TeamAssassinsFist

If you’re unfamiliar with all these faces, check out the character descriptions below!

The Characters

Forest Law

Forest is the son of Marshall Law. He has been training at his father’s dojo since childhood, and some even say that his martial arts skills exceed those of his father’s. Paul Phoenix has taken a liking to Forest, and they often get in trouble together.

Forest Law


A deinonychus trained for military purposes, Alex is a vicious animal that was created by extracting dinosaur DNA from an insect trapped in amber, with gaps in the DNA filled in with genetic data from Roger. Alex does not seem fully mature yet, but currently has about the same fighting strength as Roger. Alex will become an extremely powerful animal once he fully matures.



A prototype version of Jack developed in Russia. After learning of Jack’s upgrades, P-Jack requested an upgrade from Dr. Bosconovitch as well. Dr. Bosconovitch complied by adding a rotation function to P-Jack’s limbs, as well as flight capabilities. P-Jack loves sunglasses, and they have become his trademark.



Tiger is a mysterious man who entered the “The King of Iron Fist Tournament” dressed in clothes inspired by the golden age of soul music. His polished capoeira moves look quite similar to those used by Eddy, but the nature of the relationship between these two fighters remains a mystery.

Tiger Jackson

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