Tekken Tag 2 Demo Review

While visiting the Namco booth at E3, I had the chance to try out the upcoming Tekken Tag 2, due out September 11th.

I played quite a few rounds, and must say I’m very happy that the game is just as good as I hoped it would be. I’m one of the many fans who harassed Harada on Twitter to make a sequel to Tekken Tag (my favorite fighting game of all time), so knowing that they haven’t somehow managed to ruin the sequel is better than a Christmas present in June!

Nina and Anna Williams cosplayers pose.


All of everyone’s favorite characters seem to return once again for this game, including Nina, Law, and Jin. And, to my never-ending glee, we have three characters returning from Tekken 2 and Tekken Tag: Jun, Angel, and Kunimitsu!

Although not a playable character, Snoop Dogg also makes an appearance in a stage made just for him.

Yep. Keep it classy Namco.


I would have said the graphics were great, except that a few stages we fought in looked atrocious. I’m not sure if it just wasn’t finished because this was a demo, or if that was the art style they were going for. It was, as we say in the hood, a hot mess.

On the plus side, slime stuck to us when we fell, and that’s just cool.


It may not be entirely fair for me to judge the gameplay, since the Xbox controller threw me off so badly. I will say that many of the combos appear to be the same, and I did not stumble across any new ones, with the exception of tag team combos.

Besides the normal tag mechanics from the first game, players can now do extended tag combos and combined moves, including combined tag throws.

Tag Assaults, where both characters can do the combo at the same time, are also featured, along with the return of elements from Tekken 6, such as “Bound” hits.

Another fun feature making the return is the walled arenas. Although I did not run into it myself, I was told that some levels will allow an opponent to break through a wall and land in a new arena, which is another feature from Tekken 6. Except this time, the partner would be waiting at the bottom! I really would have liked to see that, but apparently we strayed too far away from the walls during our intense battles.


I am in love with this game.  Fans have long been asking for the return of Kunimtsu and Jun, and I saw a cute new Mexican wrestler girl I fell in love with as well.

A lot of people think Tekken sucks. I think those people suck. I have yet to play another 3D fighter that feels so seamless and smooth and has such a wealth of diversity in character options. Black, Spanish, male, female or other, Tekken has options for everyone and keeps adding to those options.

My only issue is that I see news suggesting that at least four characters are DLC. Although you will get them if you pre-order through GameStop, it is a troubling sign that other companies are picking up on the DLC fighter model so-hated by Capcom fans.

I will be pre-ordering mine in July! Keep an eye out to where you pre-order so you can get the best DLC character packs.

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