Sony Press Conference E3 2012: Interview of Lady Gamer Isabel Arroyo

Hello there, sportsfans!

E3 was fun, but super draining! I tried to do a write-up once a night, but failed you miserably. Check out my first E3 2012 post on ROG to read a little more about the Sony Press conference.

As I was standing in front of the stage to serve as a hype background person, I struck up a conversation with some of my fellow hype-creatures. I found out that a few of them arrived to stand in line as early as 8 AM! Being who I am, you know I had to interview SOMEONE.

That someone was Isabel Arroyo, a 21-year-old Angeleno. She said she first heard about the conference through Twitter, and she was one of the devoted fans who made the choice to show up super-early. Even then, there were apparently people in line ahead of her!

So why did you choose to arrive at 8 AM?

I arrived to enter the conference at 8AM. I chose to arrive at this time because I had spoken to a guy who arrived at 10AM in previous years and had barely made it in, so I decided it was better safe than sorry!

Did the Sony Press Conference live up to your expectations?

This was my first E3 press conference, and it definitely lived up to my expectations, not only with the titles showcased but the excitement of being there with your gaming peers: it was intensely energizing.

What game are you most excited about?

The game I’m looking forward to the most is The Last of Us; it looks like a very promising addition to the survival horror genre.

What game are you playing right now and what types of games appeal to you?

I am currently playing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. I play a broad variety of games: I never just stick to one kind.

Thanks, Isabel!

Isabel went on to say that although her least favorite part of the event was waiting in line, the best part was being told that all of us who waited in that line from hell would receive three-day passes to E3!

Show Isabel some love and get into some great gaming discussions by following her on Twitter at @GoThAnGeL_A3.

As for further 2012 E3 coverage: stay on the lookout! I managed to catch the Con Cold, so I’m writing as much as possible, but plan to have the rest up over the weekend.

Yes, we will talk about this.

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