Tips for E3: A Rebel Prepares

Hey there, sportsfans,

So first, a quick note to say that I will possibly be out of action starting this Sunday on account of a little show called E3. I will try to keep you as updated as possible as it happens, but since I also have to be working, it may be easier said than done. :/

But don’t despair! If I can’t post the amazingness next week, I will simply post it after the expo is over.

Tips for E3

Since this is my first E3, I did a little research so that I would be prepared for the expo. I’ve decided to share that information with you as well, because I like you.

My tips:

  • Read up on E3
  • Try to plan out the week
  • Have backup plans
  • Details are important
  • What are you going to wear?


There are articles out there for people who are attending E3 for the first time! Read them. They have a lot of good advice, such as wearing comfy shoes, setting goals, and bringing snack bars. This advice can save you from a mistake, such as dressing too casually or forgetting to take business cards.

I read as many as I could find and also spoke with friends who attended E3 in the past. If I had not, I would have made a myriad of little mistakes that, while probably not ruining the event completely, would have left me very uncomfortable, hungry, and possibly embarrassed.


There is a lot going on at E3. Yes, that is an understatement. There are conferences, booths, and parties galore. Which are you attending? Which are you skipping? How will you choose one over the other? Will the bus get you there in time, or where will you park? Did you add in time to eat?

These questions and more should be answered before you attend. You don’t want to get to E3 and then realize you have no idea what to do or where to go. You also don’t want to hear about “that amazing party” the night after, do you?

You should also have backup plans. What if something happens and you can’t do that thing you wanted to do? Don’t flop around aimlessly: this is E3! There is no time to waste. Have backup plans for your backup plans.


Pay attention to details when interacting with the good people at E3. One of my tactics for remembering people is to write a little note on their business card such as “talked about Meta game” or “had the silly pirate shirt on.” This will help you start your follow-up email with something to jog their memory about the conversation you had.

If they have a shiny business card that won’t let you write on it, curse them silently, and then try to use your real brain until they walk away. As soon as they leave, write a note in your notebook and stick the business card next to it.


How will you decide what to wear? That will depend on what you are there to do. If you are a PR or press person, you will want to dress business casual. If you are a journalist known for your quirky writing, you can wear that vintage Metroid t-shirt if you must. If you are a cosplayer, you will want to wear your best cosplay.

Above all, you will want to wear good shoes. I still remember the pain of GDC and those evil heels. My feet felt like they’d been stoned at the end of those three days.

Meet Up

So that’s all the tips I have for you from my studious inquiry into the matter. Want to meet the Rebel in person? Feel free to shoot me a tweet or message on Twitter, and we can plan to run into each other at E3!

Happy Nerd Holiday!


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